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0.8613 really nice - hope we'll be seeing more :)
0.8479 love your gifs - hoping for many more ;)
0.8479 hope you'll be sharing more =)
0.8248 She's so fine - still hoping for the actual video of her and the BBC friend!
0.8172 Mmm love your cute little nipples!
0.8162 Fucking hot - definitely your best post yet!
0.8074 She's super sexy
0.802 Would love to see the back view :)
0.787 Love your round booty and the videos always show it off so well
0.7845 pic 3 looks like a video screencap - you should share the full video =)
0.784 Best you've shared yet!

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-0.5848 hoooly fuck you're hot!
-0.5574 hooly shit she's really fucking hot.
-0.5423 Any of that thick ass riding you?
-0.5423 Any pics of you pounding that ass?
-0.3802 Ahh such a tease!
-0.3382 pls give us moar of that crazy booty!
-0.3182 you should share a gif of that phat ass
-0.3164 jesus how does that ass even fit in your jeans?!
-0.1779 unfortunately these two couples never swap, but its amateur and one dude is way more hung than the other: https://xhamster.com/movies/4776036/foursome_swing_teenage.html
-0.1759 damn - post more of that big butt please!
-0.1531 How jealous are guys when you bring them home and you have a better gaming rig than they do?
-0.0516 someone wanna photoshop out the witch on the left please?