/u/glasselectron is very positive!

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0.9095 Your slim-thick body is so fucking hot I wish I could, but I've no extra to spend on videos Wish you'd share for the love of the sport
0.8313 Love watching you having fun with toys!
0.8225 You should make a spanking video for us I bet those perfect cheeks bounce and jiggle gloriously
0.8012 Oh wow, that's quite nice!
0.784 wow what a nice booty!
0.7645 Glad she's getting more comfortable showing off
0.7542 So fucking **JUICY!** I just wish you would be a good girl and give us some longer videos!
0.7506 Yeah, I guess a shoe rack is the best bet.
0.7485 God your body is so fucking perfect.
0.7479 Hope we can get see more of that perfect ass soon :)
0.743 Mmm, looks like you've got a good start ;)

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-0.8513 I wanna see your ass in motion so bad!
-0.6908 Unfortunately I think I failed to provide enough context in the OP.
-0.6308 Holy fucking shit your ass is amazing!
-0.6239 Goddamn what a nice ass!
-0.6189 I really like a lot of elements - the tv console, turntable console, wall decor - but the couch, lack of coffee table, box situation in the corner and curtains aren't as nice.
-0.5859 unfortunately the majority of results that yields are for abstract prints :/
-0.5719 Nah, it's only hot with the additional context that she sent it right after the dick pic
-0.5719 Unfortunately I think she's lost a LOT of booty since The Carrie Diaries
-0.5635 Great effort, but shitty month for releases!
-0.5574 Unfortunately I'm in NYC with no access to the space and tools needed to build anything.
-0.5423 Before ass implants were big.
-0.5423 holy fuck anyone have a name?