/u/girkwood is kind of a dick.

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0.875 The wealthy because the Tories truly are the party of the 1%. The Tories truly are unbridled at the moment.
0.7906 Awesome, thanks.
0.7717 Some of the worlds best visuals punctuated by shithole towns like Ballater.
0.765 Places like Cartmel are great.
0.7003 Watching C4 news, her comments were taken completely out of context. Let's get something pretty clear.
0.6808 My party have been in power for a while, thanks.
0.6705 The NHS is the jewel in the crown as far as opening up monopolised capitalist healthcare to the benefit of the few and the detriment of the masses.
0.6583 Corporations should be able to make as much money as they want, with which reward their shareholders, but they shouldn't be burdened with taxes.
0.5574 The cleverest kids get more education.
0.5267 None of which is ideal. The Tories in Scotland have only 18% of the vote, and belong where they deserve.
0.4939 They tend to be from middle, upper middle and upper class parents who care about their kids.

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-0.9042 These are the same cunts that bemoan the nanny state then burden the NHS with their heart disease, liver cirrhosis and lung cancer.
-0.8934 Brexit was a racist protest, an ignorant fascist statement.
-0.8625 When you stop taking medication for a chronic illness, you get ill. The burden of proof is not on me, I'm afraid.
-0.85 It might be a hardware problem, but this is one hell of a coincidence.
-0.8322 Fucking take your Dick out of someone's arse and quit this shit.
-0.7845 Dangerous bullshit.
-0.765 Tin foil hat you stupid cunt.
-0.765 Why, because these cunts might lose the largest subsidies of any G7 nation.
-0.765 It's not the schools, kids or the teachers that are bad, it's the fucking wretched parents of kids in deprived schools.
-0.7543 Literally no one reads this shit.
-0.7351 Furthermore, there is a clear fucking distinction between bemoaning a Jewish conspiracy and the evil of the Israeli state.
-0.7269 Your contention is that steroids are both poisoning you, addicting you, and weakening you.