/u/girkwood is a total dick!

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0.7717 Some of the worlds best visuals punctuated by shithole towns like Ballater.
0.765 Places like Cartmel are great.
0.7269 So it has been pretty well established that the top 1% earn more than the bottom 99%.
0.6705 The NHS is the jewel in the crown as far as opening up monopolised capitalist healthcare to the benefit of the few and the detriment of the masses.
0.6583 Corporations should be able to make as much money as they want, with which reward their shareholders, but they shouldn't be burdened with taxes.
0.624 Seasons is a fucking amazing song.
0.5994 Apocalypse Now Full Metal Jacket Platoon Office Space Super Troopers Interstellar Weekend at Bernies Fifth Element Le Grande Bleu
0.5106 I have working balls and acne free.
0.4939 It is pretty presumptuous of you to think this about Boudica.
0.4939 He has the P&J earring out of his hand.
0.4939 No means yes and yes means crepe. Totally crepe. A massive crepe

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-0.9423 Selfish, ignorant fascist, racist fucks.
-0.9042 These are the same cunts that bemoan the nanny state then burden the NHS with their heart disease, liver cirrhosis and lung cancer.
-0.8625 When you stop taking medication for a chronic illness, you get ill. The burden of proof is not on me, I'm afraid.
-0.8126 How about you fuck off and die.
-0.8074 Fuck all the soft drink/soda bullshit.
-0.7845 Dangerous bullshit.
-0.7783 Get fucked you prick.
-0.765 Tin foil hat you stupid cunt.
-0.765 Why, because these cunts might lose the largest subsidies of any G7 nation.
-0.762 There are some Fucking ignorant Tory cunts on this forum.
-0.743 A guy fell of the stage and suffered a serious injury a few days ago.
-0.7269 Your contention is that steroids are both poisoning you, addicting you, and weakening you.