/u/gerchoc44 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8016 Mmmm, a nice cuddle sounds great!
0.7712 You are cute, sexy, petite little thing!
0.7579 I'm sure we'd all love to see some closeups of your mound in those shorts...
0.7065 Your body is so lovely.
0.6867 You are so sexy!
0.6808 Lucky guy to get that nice, phat pussy.
0.6777 So sexy, as usual!!!
0.6588 Great breasts! Now what about your actual mound?
0.6588 Great view!
0.656 Those panties are so sexy on you.
0.6369 Love the wet panty pics.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6597 That pussy mound photo fucked my world up.
-0.5423 If your pussy were a fleshlight, I'd fuck it.
-0.5267 Perhaps a closeup shot of you lying down, POV style, looking at your panties?
-0.4574 That body, hot damn!
-0.4019 Sheeiittt...your pussy was damn near escaped form your panties before you rolled them down
-0.4019 You...you...hot damn.
-0.1779 That's a nice ass.
0.0 Your body, your bush...everything.
0.0 I'd make intercourse with you.
0.0 That mound.
0.0 That's hot.
0.0 Or a Jaguar F-Type S