/u/gent4you is very positive!

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0.9037 Great job, I enjoyed the pics and the read, Thanks!!!
0.872 Thanks for the link the list is great, Thanks Steve
0.8689 Gorgeous girl.......Thanks for sharing :)
0.8625 A little knowledge goes a long way saving you a lot of work and$$$. Good luck happy swimming.
0.8591 I'm happy for you,,, sounds like you had a fun night.
0.8367 Your are so gorgeous any guy would be lucky to have you.
0.8316 He obviously knew he was giving them to someone that would take care of/ enjoy them as much as he did.
0.8286 LOL I love this
0.8277 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not let someone cut you open for no reason.
0.8176 Please stick with it, a wife like you is a wonderful thing.
0.8143 MMMM that looks DELICIOUS :)

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-0.8514 Regardless of what you think of her this self centered greedy crook will do nothing but help Russia destroy this country.
-0.481 My Firefox always hangs up when I open Reddit's comments.Anyone else have this problem?
-0.4215 Such a waste.
-0.4019 The only time I have had trouble is on long smokes when the ash builds up.
-0.3612 That sucks dude.
-0.34 Does he stoker blow it away and stoke the fire?
-0.3384 i'm so envious
-0.2755 They dont make them like that anymore
-0.1531 Do you miss it?
-0.1513 I hope others do the same. That said this is very disappointing to me.
-0.0772 One word 'WOMEN'- Sorry for the one word answer.
-0.0341 their perfect Who would complain or not be lucky to be part of your life