/u/gent4you is very positive!

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0.9037 Great job, I enjoyed the pics and the read, Thanks!!!
0.8994 Good Job,,Your hard work has produced beautiful sexy results!!!!!
0.872 Thanks for the link the list is great, Thanks Steve
0.8689 Gorgeous girl.......Thanks for sharing :)
0.8591 I'm happy for you,,, sounds like you had a fun night.
0.8367 Your are so gorgeous any guy would be lucky to have you.
0.8316 He obviously knew he was giving them to someone that would take care of/ enjoy them as much as he did.
0.8286 LOL I love this
0.8277 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not let someone cut you open for no reason.
0.8176 Please stick with it, a wife like you is a wonderful thing.
0.8143 MMMM that looks DELICIOUS :)

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-0.8514 Regardless of what you think of her this self centered greedy crook will do nothing but help Russia destroy this country.
-0.5267 Does vaseline hurt silicone?
-0.481 My Firefox always hangs up when I open Reddit's comments.Anyone else have this problem?
-0.3612 Not a doc but it looks like poison ivy to me
-0.3612 That sucks dude.
-0.3384 i'm so envious
-0.1531 It's going to miss you
-0.1531 Do you miss it?
-0.1513 I hope others do the same. That said this is very disappointing to me.
-0.1027 Is it hard for US players to withdraw funds?
0.0 I would masterbate full time
0.0 How did you cook the claws?