/u/gef_matapines is very positive!

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0.8858 Wow, amazing thank you very much!
0.8779 I'm glad you could fix it, that's a great game :)
0.8516 Wow, i love it!
0.8494 I love this project :D
0.8481 Thank you, I'll try that, seems like a good solution.
0.8478 Wow, awesome!
0.8478 Wow, that was an awesome read!
0.8409 Thanks! EDIT: WOW!
0.802 That is beautiful :')
0.7964 We could really make a difference for animal freedom, plus vegan food is actually much better than anyone thinks, and more people becoming vegan means much more food options.
0.7906 Maybe more in the lines of "Congratulations to the winners of EU HL season 8" and all the info inside. That was the definition of a spoiler.

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-0.7906 Your memes are bad, and you should feel bad
-0.6319 And there is still not support for the new nvidia drivers with Bumblebee :(
-0.4215 Ill try it as soon as i arrive home.
-0.3736 And you need WXP because that HDD has no SO? Doesn't it has mint now?
-0.296 Unless I missed some combo, all items with the same stats are gouped.
-0.0387 I'm sorry but I totally didn't understand.
0.0 It is fixed now!
0.0 Bye, bye student loans! "RemindMe!
0.0 2 days Donation for /r/millionairemakers"
0.0 Plus, if you flip it you can use it as a treadmill.
0.0 Editing the main post now.