/u/futurekorps is kind of a dick.

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0.9291 some are solid but the best of the best, vara, is not so much better than cards like icaria even in decks build around it.
0.8422 the best way to do it is by having a vara out , playing one piece of the combo to bring the other one out from the void and using combust on the leviathan, but by that time you already won.
0.7574 the "terrible" cards can be replayed easily and end up giving you more value for the slot than ayan. i will try silverwing, the aegis may make the difference.
0.7269 looks beautiful, can you share th recipe?
0.705 You discarded mystic ascendant, it can seem great but maybe you helped opponent getting a better card. sure, but that is a mystic ascendant that is no longer on his deck.
0.6808 best case scenario you discard it on turn 2 with quarry and you get it back in turn 3-13 instead of picking it with quarry and play it on turn 4.
0.6249 summon 3 1/1 with flying, 1 mana more expensive than the great parliament...
0.5927 never used it, but seeing that their web includes the dossages for vegetables, fruit trees, tomatos, etc i guess it is safe.
0.5859 play devour, play scheme, splash second sight, blood casters, gorgon fanatics, etc. when i said that is the same as drawing a card i meant it, it's *literally* the same.
0.5859 if you get to cast wispers and still have enough hp you win.
0.4926 i do, and will try it over the weekend, thanks!

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-0.9201 you are going to build it around a several cards with revenge and draw, or a couple of cards with revenge and combat tricks, or a couple of cards with revenge and vara.
-0.8016 call of the ancients is ONE card, you would have some really bad time trying to build a deck around it. revenge is **not** *one* card.
-0.7693 well, this is the same. there is no more rng with revenge than there is with ,let's say , harsh rule.
-0.6908 i can tell you it wont work without imps, devour and sporefolks, plus you need some way to kill your smaller creatures
-0.6808 pero por un video asi no podes saber si hubo abuso o no, la unica que sabe eso es la mina y a menos que me haya pasado algo por alto, no es ella la que esta haciendo la denuncia.
-0.6808 solo efectivo en el local quiere decir que no aceptan tarjetas en el local, no que no lo puedas comprar con tarjeta/mercadopago desde mercadolibre.
-0.6486 bronze killer.
-0.5729 and that kinda fucks up my copper sulphate theory, so food coloring gets a point. edit i might be confusing iron with copper here.
-0.5719 the call of chthulhu y mas alla de las montaas de la locura son los basicos, si te gusta ller sobre escritura el horror en la literatura tambien es muy bueno.
-0.5719 if you *really* hate armory, try a deck with whispers on the void + grasp.
-0.5719 having the same level of relic hate would only remove further archetipes from the game.
-0.5267 no es mi teoria, y no refuta nada instalado, solo lo modifica.