/u/futurekorps is a total dick!

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0.4404 2) run a deck based around power draw with tons of fetching and the means to profit from it. and that's it.
0.4215 although the popular use of the word means the early years of age up to seven, ***in law, it is under-age or minority.
0.3716 the idea behind that may be to protect them, but in reality what happens is the opposite. when the time comes and they start feeling aroused they go and have sexual relations anyway.
0.34 that those laws give parents a false sense of security.
0.128 you can call him a minor from a legal point of view or a teenager/ adolescent in every day talk.
0.128 ***As a legal term, "infancy" continues from birth until age 18*** and the source for that http://dictionary.law.com/Default.aspx?selected=949 infancy
0.0 and a 18 years old is?
0.0 im not talking about childs, im talking about teenagers.
0.0 you know that childhood ends at puberty, right?
0.0 i was talking about biology, and you can't be a child and a teenager at the same time as the difference between child and teenager is pre and post puberty.
0.0 minor - adult - deceased.

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-0.9231 Hay que saber estar 2 pasos adelante. no no no no no, grave error.
-0.7783 Nuestro sistema financiero no funciona, no hay ahorro, no hay credito, no hay inversion.
-0.7003 no se muere nadie por un dia sin clases, pequeisima diferencia.
-0.631 but if you say that im using those wrong, let me try to rephrase my points. post pubescent human beings will have sexual relations sooner or later.
-0.6249 la post guerra genero una crisis inflacionaria, los controles de precios se usan para frenar la inflacion.
-0.5994 legally you are an infant, adult or dead person.
-0.5574 dudo que alguien haya ido sin estarlo.
-0.5423 and they will fuck anyway. you need to give them the most detailed education possible ***before*** it happens, not after.
-0.5267 a lo segundo se referia mcafee, los rusos no van a dejar un rastro de que fueron ellos, no en algo tan grande.
-0.5267 no, lo ultimo que necesitamos es que los delincuentes esten mas jugados todabia y no dejen testigos.
-0.5267 los unicos productos extra que venden es a quienes querian el producto desde antes, pero no llegaban al precio full. por eso hoy no existen las guerras de precios.
-0.5267 Seguro, pero que sea en caso especial no quiete decir que no exista.