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0.9217 Spend time with people who DO care about you and DO treat you with respect and love.
0.8622 Love your stuff, great work!
0.8455 These love bugs are ADORABLE together
0.8254 So cute, lovely as always!
0.8196 His little teeth are so precious, he was lucky to have you.
0.8171 Everyone made fun of Olive when she was young too, saying she would always look like a street cat but she's the most elegant little swan and everyone ate their words.
0.8166 Relationships can be so much more reciprocal, loving, and fun than this at the end of the day.
0.8126 They ended up going to great homes after a few weeks in a comfy, flea free foster home.
0.8126 That's massive amounts of work, she's growing up beautifully :)
0.8047 So glad she's feeling better!
0.802 Fabulous form, kitty's an amazing diver

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-0.8481 I had no idea this was a thing so I google mapped it and the closest game stop to this smash burger is about half a mile away :( I was going to die laughing if there was a game stop right next door
-0.8037 My kitten was a struggle too, it's so scary when they aren't doing well because they are so small and fragile.
-0.7574 Olive had scabies too, the vet didn't catch it during her first vet visit so she was totally miserable for 2 weeks before I forced the vet to do more tests and they found the little rascals.
-0.7351 I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
-0.6705 Someone who desperately wants to have a family and raise children probably shouldn't marry someone who hates kids and never wants them around.
-0.5994 I cried at both of the released tracks, if there was emotion lost in their performances then I think it was made up for in the musical structure.
-0.4391 I'm so sorry for your loss.
-0.4199 What a mess!
-0.4199 They had a kitty with that many struggles at Petsmart?!
-0.4019 The most I had was 4 at one time when I found a litter of kittens that had been dumped outside an old warehouse.
-0.3818 However, you describe your relationship as fragile and I understand what you're afraid of losing.
-0.3595 No way, they look store bought!