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0.9568 Anything but Python unless you want to spend 20 minutes re-indenting your code HTML/CSS + Javascript is pretty fun, I'd recommend it if you enjoy design
0.9022 Oh, and bukkakes * How many men I've been with - 3, at different times haha, and they are all around the same age as me * Do I like anal - Not a huge fan, I'm honestly more of an oral girl.
0.9022 aw thanks <3 feel free to x-post it for me :)
0.8655 ah just posted a swallowing vid on my blog, maybe I'll GIF it later for here ;) awesome i'll check them out for inspiration!
0.8398 I only have video of my current partner as video of the other two would have been taken before I was 18 years old :) welcome and yes!
0.836 happy to please <3
0.8313 Agreed they're soo comfy and I'm happy I can wear them braless For anyone interested they are the "Jada" style from [Brandy Melville]!
0.8176 will do, kneehighs are cute :) something like [this ]?
0.807 Awesome thanks!
0.7999 Oh, I also like replying to funny/sexy messages and opening NSFW Snapchats in public, it's kinda thrilling :P
0.7932 omg that shirt is so cute <3 may I ask where you got it from?

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-0.656 The possible negative consequences aren't worth it to me.
-0.4976 I kinda feel bad for u/funsizedasian who keeps getting tagged
-0.4404 I have replied to you, so you can click "block user" under my comment.
-0.357 [Album] without the shirt :)
-0.296 Ah no, it's not him.
-0.0772 I won't be showing face publicly, sorry.
-0.0516 I actually dislike giving them because I prefer going blowjobs instead lol...
0.0 What language?
0.0 yess bring icing for the cake
0.0 [Done!]
0.0 Does [mounted to a mirror] count?
0.0 I'll include one in the next B/G!