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0.9008 thanks haha :) hadn't brushed it after waking up :P
0.8661 Haha, I also have a masterpost which I'll keep updating so feel free to bookmark :P
0.8625 I wish I had your hair this album is super cute
0.8316 my pleasure :) in case you're on [my blog] as well, I have a [#converse] tag with more albums
0.7964 I've loved computers and been fascinated by the human brain since I was a kid, now I get to combine both and be a huge nerd.
0.7783 I hope this is okay :) https://i.imgur.com/Iebfm1X.jpg https://i.imgur.com/jP86PqN.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ZgRigo1.jpg
0.7424 I love coding, reading, drawing, watching Netflix, writing poetry, biking, rock climbing, cooking with my dormmates, and playing chamber music!
0.7184 Milne :) Favorite author: J.
0.7177 Shostakovich is a lot of fun to play!
0.7086 I wouldn't walk out on the streets wearing it, but it's quite fun in the bedroom
0.69 I'm interested in its applications to smart surgical robotics!

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-0.5994 No problem, it's what an AMA is for
-0.4902 I've replied to you, so the "Block User" option should appear below my comment.
-0.296 I'm no yoga expert, so..
-0.2732 No bra, no undies, and pray it's not too windy
-0.1511 Sorry this is late! https://i.imgur.com/5wTS4Gm.jpg https://i.imgur.com/pQrPsnL.jpg
-0.0772 Sorry u/funsizedasian for every time you get tagged in my posts
0.0 bahaha, writing this one down
0.0 whoa, never heard of this before
0.0 our stuffed animals can meet each other too
0.0 People have walked into me not realizing I existed
0.0 Also my vajayjay isn't sideways
0.0 Full album posted on my blog, **[hutt.co/funsizedasian]** Ideas for a video?