/u/fun-sized-asian is very positive!

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0.8932 I play 3 different instruments, my favorite is the piano :) My favorite composer is Dvorak!
0.8316 I hope tomorrow's a better day for you :)
0.8225 The dress is lots of fun, I promise :) I would suggest lingerieGW, lingerieaddiction, and girlswearingVS
0.7783 Anything skin-right feels amazing tbh :) The dress is from either Aeropostale or Nordstrom, I can't remember exactly
0.7717 [pic from the front] happy hiking & fapping :)
0.75 thank you for the birthday wishes! [one more from the back] :)
0.743 I think you should give your friend a hug
0.7425 AI/ML :) I signed an NDA so I can't say much more haha
0.7351 naww i'm just full of bad jokes :') my profile: u/fun-sized-asian if you'd like to follow <3
0.7351 Keri this is adorable :)
0.7096 Good thing I'm also majoring in BioE :)

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-0.5719 Based on your comment history you seem to be a negative person... There are resources and people to talk to.
-0.5719 Comment your opinion once = can be understandable. Comment 9 times = indeed it can look a bit retarded. Less is more.
-0.4019 damn, dem curves making me jelly
-0.3612 dick pics are fine too [album here]
-0.3595 Until it's no big deal that we're all naked under our work clothes, I choose to remain anonymous for my own privacy!
-0.357 I believe it was from either Aeropostale or Nordstrom Rack a couple years ago, can't remember exactly :)
-0.3455 i try REALLY hard
-0.34 ah, unfortunately he beat me to tearing it apart...
-0.34 I'm a student, planning to have a career in the tech industry, and unfortunately nudity isn't normalized yet in society.
-0.25 torn apart
-0.1877 I don't have the chance to take photos/videos as frequently during the school year when I'm either coding or working in the lab 24/7
-0.1511 Sorry for the late update!