/u/frozenfruitpunch is kind of a dick.

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0.9118 I'd love to go on a roadtrip across Canada and the US with my best friend one day when she's done with her studies in San Francisco.
0.7657 I don't find it a waste of time o.o Where I live right now, my neighbourhood is pretty much 85% Chinese so it helps.
0.7579 I remember in grade 12 there was a group project and I didn't even do much but in the end my group got like 80% I passed even though I skipped like 5 classes.
0.7579 Discovered them on Spotify and my favourites are Cool Kids and Tell her you love her.
0.7096 That's the good thing about it :)
0.7096 Thanks for your reply :)
0.7096 Thanks for your reply, maybe I'll just do some highlights :)
0.6908 I'll definitely check it out :)
0.6249 I should probably go and visit her, hopefully she remembers me :p
0.6239 This is amazing!
0.5894 D: I'll try to eat more solid foods today and see what happens tomorrow.

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-0.8718 I was terrified as hell!
-0.836 I starting panicking and crying because i was also scared of telling my parents.
-0.8225 I have anxiety, panic attacks and cry easily.
-0.784 I've been worrying so bad, I don't even know whats normal anymore.
-0.7783 I failed Accounting once and I think I'm gonna fail again.
-0.7755 Because I'm hella worried and terrified
-0.7698 That's really scary :(
-0.7352 I'm doing my road test this Thursday and this rainy weather is making me so depressed!!
-0.7279 My dentists says that I need to go back to get my fillings done but I just find it so intimidating making the phone call.
-0.6956 I don't really know much about her but I read recently that she steals jokes from other comedians and does a lot of stupid things.
-0.6908 Also, I have dental phobia so that makes it worse.