/u/forgottenmemes is kind of a dick.

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0.967 Nobody really cares if your great great great great grandfather was Mongolian.
0.9217 * Commies hate free speech, freedom to associate, freedom from malicious prosecution and pretty much any other freedom.
0.7845 I'd love to party with those goys.
0.7269 At least better formatting, it's pretty wall of texty.
0.7269 You have difficulty discriminating between success and oppression , so you see him as an oppressor because he's successful.
0.7102 Not really, Muslims were dancing and celebrating too. It's almost like semites are anti-america.
0.6705 Interesting that you found that evidence compelling. I found the raw stats to be the most compelling.
0.6597 Your comment came off as "smart people are immune." People who **think** they are smart are actually more susceptible to this kind of stuff.
0.631 I should have saved it, but I thought they'd give up in a few days like everything else.
0.5719 Contribute to wesearchr. [If the SPLC wins this] /pol/ will be shut down next.
0.5719 I get why it's not taught in schools, but at least look past the definition on google, you should know by now how likely that is to be true.

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-0.875 Are you sure this isn't just you projecting your own hatred and spite onto him? Before you pass this off as a "no" think about what you hate.
-0.836 In your spite you'll believe any lie, no matter how obviously false that will hurt the POTUS.
-0.8358 What the fuck is hooper humperdink? Why do liberals always seem so utterly insane and detached from reality?
-0.8316 He discriminates against terrorists and criminals.
-0.8313 But I thought democrats are the real racists! What if everyone is a racist and some people just lie about it?
-0.8209 Instead of screaming "You're all assholes, Israel did 9/11!!!!
-0.7964 Your hatred has made you spiteful.
-0.7964 Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these...
-0.7906 The typical response is that racism is a meaningless term. Anyone using it unironically is being disingenuous.
-0.7783 Never happened. * the poop swastika * Students receiving racist or antisemetic threats.
-0.765 Are they planning a poison attack that will likely backfire?
-0.7506 Repressing illegal voters.