/u/forgottenmemes is kind of a dick.

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0.891 IIRC all Nobel prizes are selected by largely previous winners and therefore very susceptible to a group with strong in-group preference dominating them once they gain any traction.
0.8074 Strong men create good times.
0.7409 He does a good job of keeping the conversation going and making almost any topic interesting, but his own thoughts on most things are childish at best.
0.7096 Peterson's alleged controversial views on race? I'm pretty sure that he admits different races have different average IQs. He believes race isn't a social construct.
0.6597 /r/antifa/ is probably a better fit for you.
0.6369 * Air Force o7 * Army o7 * Navy o7 * Marines o7 * National Guard o7 * ICE o7 * First responders o7 We love all who serve.
0.5994 Man in the High Castle was beautiful even though they didn't get the Nazi aesthetics correct.
0.594 If Somalians have an average IQ below 70, how is importing them a strength? If they challenge you, "Who says whites move out of diverse neighborhoods?
0.5773 He didn't kill anyone, it was all for show.
0.5719 I feel like he's creating jobs and deporting illegals.
0.5709 I'm so happy liberals have exposed themselves as anti-american.

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-0.9231 No one will care if he dies. All hell will break loose if the terrorists kill an innocent bystander.
-0.886 What a pathetic desperate faggot.
-0.8625 Is it holocaust denial to demand an accounting of the 11 million people were supposed to have been murdered? To call questioning a historical event "denial" is just being dumb.
-0.8442 They know if he makes a threat it's the real deal. * He'll kill people in a second if necessary.
-0.7717 Last I heard one of the terrorists from the battle for Sacramento was still in a coma.
-0.7579 Anti-white racist retards run reddit, so of course it's filled with racist retards like you.
-0.7506 Holocaust denial. * Think the survivors who admitted to lying were lying?
-0.743 Holy shit that was annoying.
-0.7351 Holocaust denial. * Think the fake gas chamber in Auschwitz was fake?
-0.7269 Anti white, anti christian and anti male propaganda is fine though.
-0.6901 She'll go down as one of the most evil people of all time.
-0.6808 Arguably illegal immigrants can be treated as any foreign invader and shot on sight.