/u/forgottenmemes is kind of a dick.

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0.967 Nobody really cares if your great great great great grandfather was Mongolian.
0.8807 But, at least in the case of NatSoc, a mission statement that the government's job was to do it's best to make the country, and it's people, as strong and healthy as possible.
0.8439 It seems to be a pattern with certain groups giving themselves awards to make themselves look more competent than they are.
0.8319 You talk a big game, but the reality isn't quite what you sold. It's all more easily accomplished than you'd think.
0.7953 It's sad when you have more respect for cucks like this who join ISIS than the ones that join Antifa, at least he isn't hiding behind a woman.
0.7269 You have difficulty discriminating between success and oppression , so you see him as an oppressor because he's successful.
0.7269 Pretty safe to assume you're a rabid leftist. Should't you be off calling people nazis and hitting old people over the head with a bike lock?
0.7102 Not really, Muslims were dancing and celebrating too. It's almost like semites are anti-america.
0.6369 The best way to do that is with a fairly small government, that seeks to empower the individual, not hold him back.
0.5965 To be fair "random redditor" is a more glowing endorsement than "Harvard" is these days.
0.5423 The crimes of jews are played off as being committed as by whites.

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-0.9001 If you want to regress to warring tribes raping and killing each other with rocks then Islam is fine.
-0.8968 If you use them as a philosophical stepping stone from leftism to nationalism that's fine, but to stay there is like being a pacifist as your family is raped and murdered.
-0.8885 Sounds like something a racist would claim. You did anti-white racist things to prove you arent racist?
-0.875 Are you sure this isn't just you projecting your own hatred and spite onto him? Before you pass this off as a "no" think about what you hate.
-0.8719 So, no whites don't tend towards it more than other races, but blacks do. Whites have a lower propensity towards cruelty than most other people.
-0.836 In your spite you'll believe any lie, no matter how obviously false that will hurt the POTUS.
-0.8316 He discriminates against terrorists and criminals.
-0.8313 But I thought democrats are the real racists! What if everyone is a racist and some people just lie about it?
-0.8225 They are their own worst enemy.
-0.8074 Many would argue that leftism fails miserably there too.
-0.802 Does it ever occur to you that if 30% of your patients are attempting suicide that their problems are mental and not physical or hormonal?
-0.7964 Your hatred has made you spiteful.