/u/for_shaaame is kind of a dick.

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0.8192 If everything you've told us here is the absolute truth, and you can adduce the evidence you say you have to show that fact, then it sounds like you should be able to secure a not guilty finding.
0.8122 This is a great question which had me honestly scratching my head!
0.8074 With the greatest respect - what on earth are you talking about?
0.7845 Scrap metal collectors will happily take the metal components away for free.
0.7619 The fact that she's only made about 1,000 in "a few months" reduces the severity - it's not a particularly *large* fraud, but it is still fraud.
0.7579 It would have been perfectly acceptable for you to post:
0.6908 The court can help with things like putting screens between you and them so that they can't see you - but certainly your name would be released.
0.6566 Even neighbourhood officers I haven't seen in a stab vest in years arrived, driving on blues even though I'm sure their tickets expired through non-use.
0.6478 Like the beggars in the Panorama documentary, most of the money they earned went to their "boss" back in Romania, who was very wealthy.
0.6407 Only in truly exceptional cases is a record deleted - a mere finding of not guilty is not sufficiently exceptional.
0.6369 By virtue of instructions made under section 30 of the Act, most personal data is exempted from the Act if it is shared for the purposes of social work.

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-0.9047 But that's not a very good indication of whether an act is illegal or not. As far as I can see, all the constituent elements of the offence of fraud by false representation are met.
-0.8957 Unless the threats were seriously violent in nature, this wouldn't be viewed as criminal by the police or negligent by social services.
-0.8703 GBH is an offence involving really serious injury so obviously someone was really seriously injured.
-0.8658 So we have items , , and checked off - we have to also check off item to have an offence of fraud. Point is to answer whether the representation is dishonest.
-0.8481 These offences can be tried standalone, on indictment, at Crown Court. The vast majority of indictable offences - including theft - have no prosecution time limit.
-0.8479 *EDIT: As per post below, this is completely wrong - there is a specific offence relating to pornographic cartoons which I didn't know about, sorry.* It's only illegal (under s.
-0.8411 It's also illegal to obtain alcohol when drunk, so OP commits an offence too. Regardless, while it is an offence, OP isn't going to get his 1500 back on that basis.
-0.8402 How would a layman be able to tell if an offence is criminal or not? The word "offence" in English law always refers to criminal acts.
-0.8396 I really don't think it's some sort of lucrative scam. It is an extraordinarily lucrative scam in most cases, especially where children are involved.
-0.8176 I'd suggest that there was no need for this offence as it was covered by fraud and consumer protection legislation.
-0.8013 Since a representation must be made before a fraud can be complete, he does not commit this offence.
-0.7964 CPS actually **upgrading** the charges from a single battery to ABH and dangerous driving at court, and stripping me of my right to ever criticise them again.