/u/for_shaaame is kind of a dick.

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0.8545 To be fair, it was quite a good laugh.
0.842 You might win the case, but if they can't pay the judgement, then that's all you'll win.
0.7906 And you can't be convicted of a breach of the peace - rather, you can be put in front of the magistrates who can "bind you over to keep the peace" for a sum of money.
0.7677 That bit's outside my area of expertise, but I imagine you'd be more successful taking it up with the carrier who will likely have insurance for that kind of thing.
0.765 If it's such a great job, why can't they recruit detectives from uniformed officers like they used to? There aren't enough detectives because everyone who joins via the traditional route (i.e.
0.743 In public-owned space like streets, absent certain special conditions on photography (e.g.
0.743 I don't think he was a freeman, I think he was just arsing about for a laugh.
0.7244 Urine is not poison; nor is it destructive or noxious .
0.7003 Opportunities disappear and new opportunities take their place, especially at a young age like yours.
0.7003 I'm presuming the Facebook messages will provide ample evidence of that agreement. What I will say is - protect *yourself*.
0.6486 So the police don't even need to prove that your friend actually sold or offered to sell any drugs - only that he agreed to take part in this plan.

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-0.8979 A battery is intentional or reckless infliction of unlawful force or personal violence - urinating in someone's drink is not inflicting force, and it is not inflicting personal violence.
-0.8956 It wouldn't be a defence to careless driving, so if someone did something monumentally stupid to let an emergency vehicle through, then they could still be punished for it.
-0.8942 For many offences , it is going to be **very** difficult to prove a defendant's guilt without the support of the victim, so often charges are dropped.
-0.8934 But a form of destruction which causes instant death - such as shooting in the head - cannot be said to cause unnecessary suffering and so is not unlawful.
-0.8807 An owner can destroy their own property. Vertebrate animals are slightly different from other forms of property in that it is also illegal to cause them unnecessary suffering.
-0.872 In which case his urine would be poisonous, destructive, or noxious, and the offence would be complete.
-0.8316 Common assault if it results in no injury.
-0.7841 "Making" is usually more serious than "possessing" - which makes sense, since you'd want to punish those who produce this material harsher than those who merely consume it.
-0.7717 I removed the post my comment related to, it was a stream of vitriolic abuse and wishes for violenc.
-0.7096 Ignore section 3 Criminal Law Act 1967.
-0.7003 section 24 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 confers a power on a police officer to arrest people, and thereby force them to come to a police station when they wouldn't ordinarily do that.
-0.6808 Both acts are disgusting, but to claim that they are "personal violence" is far beyond the natural definition of either of those words.