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0.8 In England and Wales, causing a breach of the peace is not a criminal offence.
0.7964 that they are you, or that they are entitled to take out credit in your name), and their intent was to make a gain for themselves in the form of property.
0.714 I don't know the answer for sure but I'm reasonably certain that such a clause means that anything you create for your employer becomes their property. I recall a case at my work.
0.6966 He's sixteen years old and has never obtained a driving licence, but on New Years' Day 2017, decides to take his parents' car out for a little joy ride.
0.6597 In doing so he intends to sell the car and make a gain for himself - if he represented the car honestly then he would still make a gain, but it would be substantially smaller.
0.6486 It's important to understand exactly what a breach of the peace is.
0.6319 You should be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear - not traversing blind bends praying that nobody has left something in your path.
0.5894 It doesn't matter whether they are successful - what matters is their intent at the time of making the false representation. This person dishonestly made a false representation (i.e.
0.5859 If they commit another breach of the peace while bound over, they forfeit the sum demanded.
0.5719 I'm in agreement with /u/-brownsherlock- - since he got force legal involved.
0.5423 He was forced to hand over the program for free and it is still used to this day .

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-0.9256 They also won't take kindly to the suggestion that "I have been falsely accused of a crime, the police are lying about serving the notice", so drop that attitude immediately.
-0.8807 You can't sit back and watch police run towards danger - danger that you'd run away from - and then tell us nonchalantly that we should expect to be put in danger because we "made that choice".
-0.7964 I have to agree that there was sufficient reasonable suspicion of murder to justify an arrest - I don't agree that an arrest of the officer was necessary, within the meaning of s.24 PACE.
-0.7906 But it may harm your defence if you fail to mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
-0.7269 You're such an expert, maybe you should join a casualty bureau - you can put your ideal policy into place and cause lots of confusion and anguish for the people whose relatives are still missing.
-0.7184 The standard penalty would be a 90 penalty notice issued on the spot.
-0.7184 If a person who was detained in a restaurant for their own protection because of a roving knifeman outside tried to leave, I can see him being arrested for wilful resistance.
-0.7184 A circular saw will cut through that no problem.
-0.7184 The wording of the offence has changed as a result of [section 66 Serious Crime Act 2015].
-0.7003 If we look at something which actually is illegal - child porn, for example - there is no distinction between streaming and downloading.
-0.7003 If no, then it's illegal . The "under three inches" distinction only applies if the knife is a folding pocket knife.
-0.6705 Can we have any information about how exactly your cousin was driven to suicide?