/u/for_shaaame is a total dick!

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0.7351 A bag containing valuables is probably not "litter" - presumably if she had left behind a bag containing valuables she would have considered making efforts to be reunited with it?
0.7096 If we dedicated any respectable amount of coverage to school shootings in the US, we'd never have time to report anything else.
0.7096 It could be a strong acid or a strong alkali, so you have a decent chance of just adding to the problem.
0.7048 As you've correctly identified, merely taking photographs of children in public isn't illegal - photographs of children are only illegal if they're indecent.
0.6402 It'd be a matter of law for the judge to decide whether the offender's body constituted a "thing" as per section 22A. I've never heard of a prosecution like it.
0.6369 /u/SevytheSnake has been perfectly polite to you and is only asking questions.
0.6369 I'm sure that this is a *highly* specialised area of law which nobody here is going to be able to give you any useful information on.
0.6164 Yes - if you plead "not guilty" at your first court hearing, then it will be disclosed to you ahead of the trial.
0.6124 To say "well at least we're better than Somalia" as if that's an achievement is just staggering.
0.5978 Sometimes the evidence simply isn't there, and no matter how good an officer you are, you can't make it appear.
0.5267 He intends, by making that false representation, to make a gain for himself.

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-0.9423 Threatening violence over the internet is in no way a risk indicator of actual violence being carried out in the future.
-0.9382 In the UK, where I am, all traffic offences are crimes, we don't have a distinction between a crime and a violation - if it's punishable then it's a crime.
-0.9356 He had a duty to stop at the scene of the accident and failed to do so, and the injuries to you are so severe that he may be looking at prison time for it.
-0.8979 The defendant is no less culpable just because he was sad when he did the crime - lots of people get sad without committing crimes. Sorry for late reply, I've been away all weekend.
-0.8979 This guy didn't - even if the accident was 100% your fault, he broke the law by failing to do so.
-0.8849 So we may have more people killing each other with knives, but they're still not killing each other at nearly the same rate as people in the US.
-0.8316 So he would actually have to be 15 or below for you to get into criminal trouble for that, and you could only get into trouble for messages sent on or after 3rd April 2017 .
-0.802 The act, in unlawful act manslaughter, must be inherently illegal - not merely illegal because of the manner in which it's done.
-0.7574 Stop being so confrontational - this is your final warning.
-0.743 Everyone realises that it happens, and as long as it can't be shown to have happened through your incompetence, you're not going to get punished for it.
-0.743 The difficulty in charging him will come if he is also charged with dangerous driving.
-0.7227 Far less likely, but still possible, are paranoid delusions prompted by psychiatric disorder.