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0.8342 If the offender's wish is carried out, then OP's friend will not go to the police and therefore the offender will not tell his employers and OP's friend will not lose his job.
0.816 Immediately before the definitions of "gain" and "loss" you've given, it says that gain and loss is to be interpreted only in terms of money or other property - so freedom would not be included.
0.8126 Yes, perfectly legal.
0.7549 The right to freedom of speech means that the government can't prosecute you for what you say .
0.7351 The court would then have to make the decision on whether or not it will be in the best interests of the child.
0.6908 It's likely that your university is also a police "partner agency" which makes information sharing easy, even routine.
0.6705 I agree - what would the public interest be in prosecuting OP?
0.6486 Agreed - do something you care about.
0.6369 I don't think you understand what freedom of speech is.
0.6369 My final assembly everybody clapped and the headteacher gave me $100 for making up the best stories.
0.6369 If OP's friend doesn't go to the police, but they somehow find out anyway, then it is perverting the course of justice.

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-0.9316 There are people out there who will kill you for being a copper, burn your house down, harass you in the street, hurt your kids - and they don't care that you're going to "deal with them" for it.
-0.8689 It could only be criminal damage if some damage, in the traditional dictionary sense of the word, were actually done to the drone v R [1978]*).
-0.8658 If people are violent or non-compliant then a strip search can be done by force - and if you'd already assaulted a PC then it sounds like you may have been violent or non-compliant.
-0.8641 The trend has started because of news coverage of previous acid attacks - but they used to be the domain of jealous lovers and honour-based violence rather than gang disputes.
-0.8126 This is paradoxical - you're only supposed to interview a suspect under caution if you suspect them of an offence, but PINs should only be considered where no actionable offence has yet occurred.
-0.8074 How bad was the assault on younger brother?
-0.7964 Indeed, as someone here pointed out, if you air views which are harassing or prejudicial (e.g.
-0.7783 If the drone fell to the floor and was damaged as a result, then definitely criminal damage.
-0.7514 "I don't like Muslims" to a Muslim co-worker), your employer has a legal duty to stop you saying those things in the workplace, which could ultimately lead to you being fired.
-0.7227 What a shame that your advice is sound but your username is offensive. The advice is reproduced here:
-0.7003 A suspended sentence *is* a prison sentence, for all intents and purposes in law.
-0.7003 If the concentration of delta-9-THC in your blood is then found to exceed the prescribed limit, the penalty is an obligatory 12-month ban from driving, plus a hefty fine.