/u/felipebarroz is kind of a dick.

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0.6351 A capa do site americano, agora, "So, Side-Eyeing Chloe Is All Grown Up Now And My Heart Can't Take It" e "19 Tumblr Posts That Will Make All Millennials Laugh But Wince"!!
0.5563 But let's be fucking honest here: we all know that it was a young male Muslim.
0.5423 Blocking respawns, in the other hand, was truly banneable
0.5106 Having fun without purchasing tibia coins?
0.4939 It depends on the country. In Europe/LATAM, the pharmacist is basically a degree to work in a pharmacy and hand out retail orders.
0.4404 Even without bots, there will be surely plenty runes being sold on the server, mainly by chinese farmers who will be doing that as a living.
0.3818 To order a credit report in Brazil, the minimum needed is to send a scanned ID.
0.3612 They'll find ways to multiclient dozens of clients to rune UHs and SDs 4) I do agree with your point.
0.34 Screw that. 2) I always loved luring, it created a living, dangerous world.
0.3291 Yeah, we shouldn't go out saying that it was a person like that without proof, but we're just waiting for the proof.
0.2782 I barely can play an hour per day. This kind of thing can be done by powerplayers

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-0.8885 They massacrated the natives, raped girls, enslaved the populace, destroyed thousands of cultures, languages and religions, used diseases to decimate the locals.
-0.8804 I know that it wasn't your intention, but I do really hate pandering phrases like "was no worse, *to them*" It's not only to them.
-0.872 So GFBs on GSs is running around gathering lots of GSs and killing all of them together with GFBs? I just thought that it was too dangerous to do as a level 50 :/
-0.7378 Assim como eu no vimos a CUT nem a UNE fazer manifestao pela sada do Delcidio do Amaral, no vamos ver o MBL fazer manifestao pela sada do Temer.
-0.7149 No , ou voc gostaria que no fosse pra caber no discurso??
-0.6808 Quando fechar o mercado, da no precisaremos pensar no problema, visto que as pessoas com fome no tero de onde roubar
-0.6808 Ainda no sei como algum anuncia nesse site, visto que o pblico no tem 3 reais no bolso pra gastar, e ainda reclama de tudo.
-0.6616 Realmente est mais recente, mas continua hilrio. evidente o vis de quem criou o grfico, sendo que ele dedicou 1/3 do espao pra "POOR QUALITY", e colocou APENAS o InfoWars l! MEU DEUS!
-0.6597 Sounds a bit dangerous to be able to fraud things just by looking at a signup form or by accessing a database, like OPs.
-0.6523 If the police are arresting these people, it's because they're doing ILLEGAL things.
-0.628 O Buzzfeed est entre MIXED e POOR!
-0.6249 Olha a capa do Slate hoje "Trump Called Terrorists "Losers." Is That OK?"