/u/felipebarroz is kind of a dick.

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0.875 A vault like that in a safe, temperate climate would be 10x easier to build, cheaper to maintain and safer against catastrophes.
0.8365 Man, Castle Shields are really really beautiful <3
0.7804 Rollercoaster Tycoon and Sim City were the favorites :D
0.7684 I'm not familiar with us laws, but this kind of police attitude in lots of countries would become a great judicial case.
0.69 But if they came to agree, I'll surely contact you!
0.6369 The best condolences from the Bilgewater Cartel.
0.6154 If you're a TI guy who work as a freelancer from home, probably won't mean a shit.
0.6059 He was a goblin killer, yes, but a highly-skilled, honorable one.
0.5859 Goddamnit, even in Brazil we do charge property tax on market value, not historical value.
0.5761 FX fluctuations are so important, as well as inflation.
0.5574 Romance Language Master Race

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-0.8625 If the world goes to shit, first thing we'll be abandoning stupid vault in the middle of nowhere.
-0.8268 I'd rather die than vote for all those botters on the enemy team!
-0.7732 That's sad and unfortunate :( I always hid some games in my dad's working computer, so I could play when he wasn't at home.
-0.6808 Isso no significa que a qualidade do juiz no vai cair, e nem que a qualidade do judicirio e das decises no vai cair.
-0.6808 Oh no no no.
-0.6808 Temos acesso remdios de graa ou operaes no SUS que, 100 anos, o Rockefeller no tinha acesso pq no existia.
-0.6369 If you live by a reputation or you're a public figure , this kind of false accusation can damage your life.
-0.5574 Mas no quer abrir mo da Internet rpida e do Netflix :/
-0.5413 A lost kid that I don't know is less valuable than the possibility of screwing my whole life by being arrested as a pedophile
-0.5411 Valeu pelo comentrio completo! Na moral, parece ser meio propaganda Ideolgica e no tem meu tipo rsrs
-0.5267 Por mais politicamente incorreto que seja, um pas no sobrevive s de classe baixa e trabalhador no qualificado.
-0.5267 No, no nem um pouco simples. Isso vai contra toda e qualquer teoria macroeconmica vigente.