/u/fear_the_future is kind of a dick.

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0.8294 I was going to give it another chance, but after hearing about the new russian premiums, it was clear the game would never change for the better.
0.8225 We're not looking for the very best performance, somewhat good is already enough. Imagine what could be done by getting rid of crappy dynamic type systems like Javascript's.
0.8018 maybe not exactly as fast as C, but a lot could be done if people were more open to strong type systems and a philosophy of zero-cost optimizations.
0.7184 We're not talking about private parties here, there are student organizations that often distribute free beer at 10AM on campus.
0.7178 I'd certainly have a lot more free time than in high school if I didn't have to sit in a train for 20h/week.
0.7166 If you want to crack AAA games and such, you have to be really fucking good, it doesn't even compare to normal programs without significant DRM or android apps which are usually the easiest.
0.7019 I already knew how to program and was interested in reverse engineering, so I played around with online tutorials and crackmes.
0.6755 Because it's said by adults who like to think that we students have it so easy and what they do is incredibly hard.
0.6597 epic loss of course, I might even prefer it to a good win.
0.6597 Just like college students always tell high school students how easy high school is compared to college.
0.6474 I'm not really a hacker, but I do crack very easy windows programs and android apps.

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-0.9263 So war jedenfalls die Erfahrung meiner Kommilitonen, die vorher BWL studiert haben.
-0.9136 Die Reichen mssten natrlich auch deutlich blechen, wenn man nicht wieder die ganze Last auf die Mittelklasse legen will.
-0.8316 Jeder bekommt einfach die 1000 und die steuerlichen Abgaben hngen wie gewohnt vom Einkommen ab.
-0.8316 Ja stimmt leider, aber die meisten Ladendetektive wrden da nichts machen, weil die Beweislage zu schlecht ist.
-0.8316 Installieren die Chrome extension die alle Bilder durch Nicolas Cage ersetzt
-0.8316 genau so stell ich mir die Leute vor, die Memes machen.
-0.8316 Die Doku hat mit Aktien berhaupt nichts zu tun, dass war nur eine semi-relevante Anekdote, um dem Zuschauer das Thema nher zu bringen.
-0.8316 Auch die, die zum Eigengebrauch Immobilien bauen/kaufen sind "schuld" an der Immobilienblase.
-0.8202 It's not perfect but certainly a lot less toxic than WoT, in the lower tiers at least. And yes, do fuck artillery players.
-0.7783 that budgie is angry as fuck
-0.6801 I give it another 1-2 years before it is completely dead.
-0.6532 I stopped playing WoT a few months ago because it made me so angry all the time.