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0.9215 oh wow thanks that's super cool!
0.91 i wish though, free beer would be great :p
0.8977 like becoming a happier person and gaining a new outlook on life is totally worth the slim chance that you might have a few side effects in my opinion.
0.8834 ya it was pretty good, would definitely recommend if you see it somewhere..
0.872 oh wow your lingerie is sooo pretty <3
0.8658 haha yeah thank you :)
0.833 i didnt buy it, actually came with the house, but ya thanks i totally agree!
0.8176 free beer = best beer tho
0.8176 haha thank you :)
0.8016 jeeez well hope you feel better !
0.8016 i'm actually in a very happy committed relationship rn, so unfortunately nope, but thanks for being so sweet<3

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-0.765 i prefer cans 2 bottles bc broken glass + shower = bad combo
-0.7119 haha nah my feet aren't v cute also super dirty here
-0.7003 ugh I'm jealous
-0.6428 it really depends on why she would have kept it from you to determine whether or not you consider this cheating.
-0.6249 worst case scenario if a medication does impact your sex drive you can always go off it and the side effects will go away.
-0.6124 i'm 21 no worries
-0.5994 desk was fine but i took a lil damage
-0.5574 what i should have said was unless it was discussed and they decided it was ok, it probably should be considered cheating, especially since she is hiding it
-0.5487 possible more video content but no B/G sorry!
-0.5106 if you're depressed and have already looked into other non-medication options and nothing has really helped, i don't really see the drawback..
-0.3483 ya not a great beer by any means but its cheap!
-0.296 coming from someone who has worked as a camgirl while in a relationship, the only aspect of this that i would really be concerned about is the fact that she is hiding it from you.