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0.927 Obviously he's a great prospect and he's got some stylistic advantages, but he has no top 15 wins ever and Frankie hasn't lost a non-title fight since *2008*.
0.8807 Floyd is like a world triathlon champion trying to win the Tour de France against Lance Armstrong.
0.8625 MMA and UFC were so young at this point that just having 1 single win totally gave you completely valid reasons to say you were the 11th best fighter in the world.
0.7906 He was pretty successful at middleweight for most of that time.
0.7645 Half of the UFC's best welterweights could very well be retired within 2-3 years, while Bellator's elite should all still be in their primes.
0.7645 Gall was more like a method actor who starred in a movie about triathlons trying to win an IRONMAN event.
0.7506 Not sure it's a "great vocabulary" if you don't know what the words mean.
0.6374 I think it's a neat thing you're doing and I wouldn't have bothered to come down on you like that if I didn't appreciate this kind of stuff.
0.5994 If Conor's going to continue to be an MMA fighter then I want to see him in relevant fights and as long as he's a champion that means defending his belt against the top contenders.
0.5859 But there are definitely a lot of intriguing fights for him at 155 and as a fan I'd like to see him move up.
0.5499 Not a knock on the younger guys, but it really puts into perspective how special Aldo is.

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-0.765 Wounded and fatigued, Conor desperately searches for the one big shot that will get him back in the fight.
-0.7349 He picked apart a very dangerous striker but he's a coward because he didn't stand there and let himself get hit.
-0.6597 "Refrain from accusing OP or anyone else of being unwilling to change their view or of arguing in bad faith.
-0.6597 A tactic that saves you from damage while allowing you to do what Gus just did to Glover is valid, full stop.
-0.6124 I thought it was crazy that Moicano took so much heat for his evasion after the Stephens fight.
-0.5574 Whereas a prelim fighter is more likely to *need* the fight, so they're more likely to fight unless they absolutely can't.
-0.5423 Ignoring both defense and the rules, Conor pummels a dazed Mayweather for the remainder of the round, and the doctor stops it during the break.
-0.5371 We don't allow top-level comments that broadly reinforce OP's view while using relatively minor disagreements to get around Rule 1.
-0.5106 "No low effort comments.
-0.4951 Sorry, my earlier comment probably came across a little harsher than intended.
-0.4939 Thanks for clarifying, but is it wrong to say it's made from beef if it's made from beef suet?
-0.4767 The analogy doesn't really work but the degree of difficulty might be similar.