/u/etquod is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 Floyd is like a world triathlon champion trying to win the Tour de France against Lance Armstrong.
0.7645 Gall was more like a method actor who starred in a movie about triathlons trying to win an IRONMAN event.
0.6486 Remember to award a delta if your view has been changed in any substantial way.
0.5859 But there are definitely a lot of intriguing fights for him at 155 and as a fan I'd like to see him move up.
0.5423 Conor has more relevant skills and experience for a boxing match than Punk did for MMA; on the other hand, Conor is fighting an all-time great whereas Punk fought a much lower-level guy. Conor vs.
0.4404 Thanks for understanding.
0.4391 I agree, I think we're at a particularly silly point on the euphemism treadmill with this one.
0.25 Comments that are only jokes, links, or 'written upvotes', for example.
0.1027 I've cleared your user record.
0.0772 If you want to appeal use the link.
0.0772 Use the appeal link if you want to discuss the removal.

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-0.7841 I'm not going to discuss the violation here because that discussion will inevitably lead to more violations.
-0.6597 "Refrain from accusing OP or anyone else of being unwilling to change their view or of arguing in bad faith.
-0.5371 We don't allow top-level comments that broadly reinforce OP's view while using relatively minor disagreements to get around Rule 1.
-0.5106 "No low effort comments.
-0.4767 The analogy doesn't really work but the degree of difficulty might be similar.
-0.34 That common opponents breakdown for Woodley/Maia is crazy.
-0.296 At first glance I thought you had mistakenly repeated the graphic.
-0.296 No, because 6/2 = 6/2\*3.
-0.296 I responded here because you seemed to have missed the appeal link, which is how we handle appeals.
-0.25 If you are unsure whether someone is genuine, ask clarifying questions .
-0.128 Now my completionism is torn between wanting all four and wanting everybody but Djokovic.
-0.128 Seeing how small he looked against Holloway, I think he'd struggle with the size, power, and durability of a lot of the top guys - Ferguson would be a nightmare matchup.