/u/etquod is kind of a dick.

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0.7789 But people were mad at LeBron because of The Decision and Rose was the best player on the team with the best record, without superstar help like LeBron had, so Rose won.
0.6276 Your list has a glaring omission that causes me to believe you are not being serious. Justin Gaethje is 17-0 and has been champion of an even deeper division (LW vs.
0.5994 Still I think he's the closest to an example of this phenomenon of any UFC champion - any others?
0.5719 WW for Askren) in another major organization for over three years now, going 7-0 as champion and defeating many UFC and Pride veterans throughout his career.
0.5454 CMV might be nominally a "debate" subreddit, but it's about escaping your echo chamber, not about arguing your side.
0.5267 I also think you can make a case for Penn and *maybe* Hendo being in the top 10. But Cain and Edgar are clear nos.
0.4023 Can't call people names, even if it's not an insult in some dialects.
0.4019 Woodley's an interesting one.
0.4019 Cruz and Hughes, for a start, are clearly above both of them.
0.3879 Neither saying it only once nor feeling it was justified is an excuse.
0.3182 Sure, that's why I didn't put him on the list.

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-0.6597 "Refrain from accusing OP or anyone else of being unwilling to change their view or of arguing in bad faith.
-0.5574 5-0 pre-UFC, 3-0 on the Ultimate Fighter, then lost three straight UFC fights and got cut.
-0.5106 "No low effort comments.
-0.5106 Finally, it would be a pain to moderate, since the current rules wouldn't work for such a section.
-0.4585 I'm also not sure what value the comments would have.
-0.3096 It is obviously an insult, but regardless, not knowing that would not prevent the rule from being applied - we can generally only moderate the content of comments, not the intent of the commenters.
-0.296 Stop slandering Terry Crews.
-0.2732 The top 6 aren't in the order I would have, but that's at least arguable.
-0.25 If you are unsure whether someone is genuine, ask clarifying questions .
-0.128 The issue of repetitive topics comes up a lot but the consensus has always been that CMV threads are personal, not general, and the fact is that these topics are the things on most people's minds.
-0.0772 Sorry corelatedfish, your submission has been removed:
-0.0772 Sorry mushroomyakuza, your comment has been removed: