/u/eternal_wanker is very positive!

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0.9402 I'd love to give that beautiful asshole a finger treatment :-) By the way, you have gorgeous feet!
0.9402 Wow, I'd love to be smothered by those gorgeous fun bags!
0.9273 Wow, that's a fun sized bootyhole ;-) I'd love to tongue-fuck it until it's completely wet!
0.9239 Wow, who is this heavenly beauty?
0.9205 LOL indeed, I was hoping for the perfect load on those perfect tits!
0.8941 And it feels nice to stretch such a beautiful asshole :-D
0.8901 Tell her I'd love to see more of her amazing curves :-)
0.8816 Fuck her again :-) And then blast my cum on those sexy soles and that gorgeous booty :-D
0.872 Wow, those gorgeous tits deserve some attention indeed :)
0.8658 And I love your smile :)
0.8658 Gorgeous booty and a sexy back :-)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7088 I have seen this picture countless times on Reddit, and it's still hot as hell!
-0.6249 Many guys lose interest in a woman after they have fucked her.
-0.5255 That hurts!
-0.4404 m4mthrowaway69's wife decided to throw some condoms in the trash to freak him out.
-0.3595 Sexy as hell!
-0.3182 And end with my dick ;-)
-0.296 I would fuck her :-)
-0.2714 Wow, you're hot as hell in that outfit!
-0.128 I would tongue-fuck that sweet asshole until it's soaking wet and then fuck it balls deep.
0.0 Does anyone know this hottie?
0.0 Or are there other pictures from this set?
0.0 Who is this hottie?