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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9168 She has gorgeous boobs, an amazing figure and lovely hair!
0.9151 Nice :-) She has a sexy belly and gorgeous boobs!
0.908 Wow, those are gorgeous fun bags!
0.8908 Wow yes, you have an amazing body!
0.8901 I would love to see more of your beauty :-)
0.8896 So, who wants to join me in fucking that gorgeous beauty?
0.8818 I'd love to see the rest of this scene with this gorgeous girl!
0.8779 Gorgeous butt and lovely hair :-)
0.8777 Definitely, those are gorgeous tits and a heavenly body!
0.861 I'd love to see more of that beauty!
0.8516 I'd love to see more pictures of that beauty!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7717 That guy fucked a girl and then fucks her boyfriend to show his dominance even more.
-0.69 The suspense is killing me!
-0.5848 Your wife's 50" ass!
-0.5562 What a dick!
-0.5423 That ass just made me cum...
-0.5423 Did you get your much needed fuck at home?
-0.3279 I'm rock hard :-) But she will be even more fuckable without the bikini :-D
-0.3182 I definitely would fuck her, and it seems she can handle a man, so I would fuck her relentlessly :)
-0.126 I wouldn't cum if a chick would slap and wave with my dick like that!
-0.1027 This makes my wood hard.
0.0 She's a hot lady!
0.0 Did someone see you?