/u/eternal_wanker is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 I'd love to titfuck those gorgeous boobs :-) But I hope she doesn't mind if her whole upper body and face is sprayed with my warm semen ;-)
0.9222 I'd love to have some time with that gorgeous body :-D
0.9168 She has gorgeous boobs, an amazing figure and lovely hair!
0.8955 That's even better, the more delicious juices for me the better ;-)
0.8932 Wow, impressive fun bags!
0.8908 Wow yes, you have an amazing body!
0.8901 I would love to see more of your beauty :-)
0.8896 So, who wants to join me in fucking that gorgeous beauty?
0.8658 I'd love to have a taste of that pretty looking pussy :-)
0.861 I'd love to see more of that beauty!
0.8516 Wow, I love your curves!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7783 Can she handle a dick in her ass?
-0.69 The suspense is killing me!
-0.5848 I would fuck your wife all day!
-0.5848 I would fuck that duck!
-0.5848 Marvellous ass, by the way!
-0.5848 Your wife's 50" ass!
-0.5423 Epic ass is epic.
-0.5423 That ass just made me cum...
-0.3279 I'm rock hard :-) But she will be even more fuckable without the bikini :-D
-0.0284 That doesn't look like a blowjob ;-)
0.0 That eyebrow going up the last two times...
0.0 I would lick my screen the whole time...