/u/eternal_wanker is very positive!

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0.9273 Wow, that's a fun sized bootyhole ;-) I'd love to tongue-fuck it until it's completely wet!
0.9217 The rest too of course ;-) Gorgeous body, sexy belly, lovely tits...
0.8941 And it feels nice to stretch such a beautiful asshole :-D
0.8901 Tell her I'd love to see more of her amazing curves :-)
0.8883 Mmmm you have lovely feet, a gorgeous ass, and a sexy smile!
0.8858 Wow, please do, you have a gorgeous body!
0.8816 Fuck her again :-) And then blast my cum on those sexy soles and that gorgeous booty :-D
0.8599 With pleasure :-D You're gorgeous as fuck!
0.8555 I'd love to use all your holes and cum on that pretty face ;-)
0.8516 I wish you an unforgettable threesome :-) They both look gorgeous!
0.8494 I'd love to spend a night with her :-D

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7088 I have seen this picture countless times on Reddit, and it's still hot as hell!
-0.6249 Many guys lose interest in a woman after they have fucked her.
-0.5255 That hurts!
-0.4973 Isn't she gorgeous?
-0.4404 m4mthrowaway69's wife decided to throw some condoms in the trash to freak him out.
-0.3595 Sexy as hell!
-0.3182 And end with my dick ;-)
-0.296 I would fuck her :-)
-0.2755 It's not like it's a privacy invasion to show his dick...
-0.2732 No offense, but in this clip she's just a hole...
-0.2714 Wow, you're hot as hell in that outfit!
-0.128 I would tongue-fuck that sweet asshole until it's soaking wet and then fuck it balls deep.