/u/esperanzablanca is kind of a dick.

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0.8217 Those look good, great to know!!
0.8172 thats like 80 kg so yes, is like 30 % more than what a average male weights here
0.7506 Also an official holiday: Nov 12, the anniversary of the decision, celebrated in Presidente Hayes province.
0.7003 Glad you liked.
0.6997 now I like him more :)
0.6981 Beautiful machine!!!
0.6705 Two-thirds of the country's population died. Today, Hayes is little remembered in the United States, but he is treated as a national hero in one nation: Paraguay.
0.6124 I was searching my next vacation and Monrovia sounded good and started reading and well, that's how I found about this pictures
0.5859 good vacations and *business* spot ;)
0.5334 I have done it, but discreet, a couple of beers, some coke and rum, just dont get wasted
0.4782 I still do own a motorcycle with a kick starter, but most of the others that I have dont have it :(

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-0.8555 Then Master Sergeant Doe served as chairman of the People's Redemption Council and de facto head of state after staging a violent coup d'etat in 1980; he killed President William R.
-0.8519 I missed it a lot one day, I go out of college, at night, heavy rain, try to start, no battery :( so here I go on the old push start on a heavy bike under rain, sucked
-0.7845 Son unos ladrones de gallinas, aca doa porota se robo veinte o treinta veces mas sin tirar un solo tiro Igual me gusto como llegaron a seis estrellas en un solo episodio
-0.7579 para ser que tiene kilos de dolares, doa porota usted es una miserable
-0.7351 Fuck them , just move out of France, the tax greediness is getting ridiculous...
-0.7003 From 1864 to 1870, Paraguay was engaged in one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the Americasthe War of the Triple Alliance.
-0.6808 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU7sSPl7wTQ https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing Yo no soy K y no soy PRO y no me como el verso de ninguno de los dos.
-0.6808 You only fuck the low level clerk that has to count the money.
-0.6808 no te preocupes que no lo vote, yo me acuerdo como se robo todo en los 90s, es rico por robar, no por ser exitoso, igual que la exitosisima abogada
-0.6486 Have you ever push atarted your bike under the rain in winter because a dead battery?
-0.5859 Karma is a real bitch sometimes.
-0.5707 y no vayas a chocar, por que no la contabas!