/u/elpollofrito is very positive!

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46Overall Score
56Positive Score
14Negative Score
28Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.891 I swear I'm in love lol amazing as always
0.8615 You are absolutely amazing love
0.8459 So fuckin sexy love
0.8402 God would I love to help
0.8402 Amazing love
0.8111 You are absolutely stunning love
0.7964 Those are amazing tits love
0.7964 Amazing tits love
0.743 God I would love to
0.6666 So fuckin hot love
0.6597 Such a cutie with amazing tits

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7783 Hell no I wanna stare at those all day
-0.1531 Holy fuck those tits are amazing
-0.0258 Sexy as fuck
-0.0258 She's sexy as fuck
-0.0258 She is sexy as fuck
-0.0258 Sexy as fuck babe.
0.0 I could watch this all day
0.0 Absolutely
0.0258 That is a damn nice titty
0.0772 That ass is amazing
0.3182 Amazing mess
0.34 Sexy as fuck love damn that was hot