/u/elleincognito is very positive!

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0.9246 You sound like a beautiful girl, I hope you have an awesome summer and rock that bikini.
0.92 Excited to make a new friend :) I would love to get together and grab a workout!
0.9169 I hope you and your amazing natural babies have a wonderful life.
0.91 Congratulations on your wonderful beautiful family.
0.9089 I am so excited and happy and over flowing with love!!
0.9017 After researching and all of this wonderful advice, CC sounds like the best way to go.
0.8934 You are awesome, thank you for the great advice.
0.8919 Honestly my day was real love followed by organic French bread pizzas for dinner, what could be better???
0.8835 My husband is leaving the military in 15 months and I am going to make sure we have an amazing safety net so he can study, and take a deep breath and not have to worry when he's out.
0.8805 I am a mal owner and I have been loving the pup updates :) So cute.
0.8733 I love it and it makes me so happy.

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-0.7745 Holy shit brother I am so so so beyond sorry for your loss.
-0.6478 When she was little they were very destructive together and ate my couch.
-0.5994 It is the worst feeling, im sorry, i get you.
-0.5719 He says the Marine Corp and the attitudes there have changed and he has negative feelings now.
-0.5423 If someone actually looked at my crotch area now...long enough to notice anything...someone NOT my husband....I'd tell them to Fuck.
-0.5423 Is it bad quality?
-0.4939 But I can't tell you how much time I've wasted looking for/trying to replace this cheese.
-0.4939 Anyone gonna be mad if I just snatch off all those skins?
-0.4728 I feel so physically ill.
-0.4404 my body goes into full freak out.
-0.4404 My lab is a real bum and would have scared that thing off a mile away