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0.9357 I love watercolor, this is wonderful :) Thank you!!!
0.8955 Wow, this is truly amazing!
0.8738 Wow, that is so lovely!
0.8713 Wow, I absolutely love the eyes!!
0.8658 Oh my goodness, that is so gorgeous!!
0.8615 Wow, that is so mesmerizing, I love how you did the colours!
0.86 The eyes are so bright and soulful, I really love this!
0.8519 The facilities are great, I love redesigning them after a while too and taking them in a completely different direction.
0.8513 Oh wow, that's really beautiful!
0.8478 Wow, you got great cards!
0.8439 Glad you enjoyed my town and thank you so much for your suggestions!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7177 I would kill for Olivia!
-0.4939 This is word for word ripped from a Facebook post I saw 2 days ago Edit: [Said Facebook post was also ripped from Twitter] Which one did OP steal it from?
-0.4019 Do you want some peanut butter with that jealous
-0.4019 Am I just blind?
-0.3182 I'm confused as to how WW is an FPS, considering it isn't in first person?
-0.2732 Do you think I could drop Katie off?
-0.25 There's a few I'm unsure of
-0.1986 I seem to do that with games; I'll play them obsessively for a few weeks or months, then just kind of stop for a while!
-0.1779 By the end of it my brain felt like it was being savagely porked.
-0.1531 I miss cupcake
-0.0572 I didn't want to scan Octavian in because I wanted to preserve Del as my only cranky.
0.0 /u/opfeels /u/eiznekk