/u/ehec is kind of a dick.

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0.8338 I don't mean that in respect to the economic prosperity of the country but the civil and political freedom of the country.
0.8225 Danko's party is in a coalition agreement with 3 other parties.
0.8176 But until then basic income sounds like a liberal scheme of reducing social security and pension expenses of the state to reduce taxes for the rich.
0.8074 Regaining strategic areas and resources is meaningful but gaining 'direct control' over desert areas that can't be supplied is not very meaningful in the long run.
0.6948 When technology and AI are advanced enough to provide us with our daily and basic needs it won't be far off in Europe or so I hope.
0.6697 Women have the right not to wear a hijab and have more freedom compared to Saudi Arabia who ironically is on UN women's rights council.
0.6369 By that measure Nazi Germany was the greatest country of europe for a while.
0.6369 Because some silicon valley nerds love Trump .
0.6249 Great for apple pie.
0.6166 [Flchtlingsretter kommen zu Hilfe.] :D
0.6114 This is why Trump won!

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-0.9022 Threatening 'fire and fury' or things never seen before is what threatens back channels.
-0.8271 Arguing for murder in /r/Physical_Removal.
-0.7906 I did a lot of stupid shit when I was 15 and I guess my grandparents did too .
-0.784 Goddamn warmongering french!
-0.765 This sabre rattling with all out nuclear war Trump conducts is a serious mistake.
-0.7579 Sadly there was/is also some hate for the vietnamese immigrants.
-0.7506 Disadvantages * Total destruction of the Waddensea
-0.7071 It probably won't be worse than jihadist control but it will be a disaster non the less.
-0.6588 Damned Dothraki screamers!
-0.6503 Taxation is of course not a EU power but the rest of the EU didn't agree to that abysmally low tax rate.
-0.6486 I grew up with [3 balinese cats] and I have to say the black snoot and blue eyes is a killer combo.
-0.6249 The regime control over the country will be a disaster of massive proportions.