/u/ehec is kind of a dick.

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0.6249 https://np.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/6i6k1o/americans_of_reddit_who_have_visited_europe_what/dj46l6s?context=3 This one is also great.
0.6249 The lake offers a great view of the Wilder Kaiser mountains.
0.5696 At the time there was no reason to deny him the permit, Philippe said. They can be happy that their security fuckup didn't have any grave consequences.
0.5023 I'm righthanded but since my dad is lefthanded and I used my dad's PC from an early age I use the mouse like a righty.
0.4215 If you're lucky, you'll find a spot s deep enough to swim.
0.4215 But the Iraqi forces have made progress in the last days.
0.4019 Her party is still against it.
0.3818 Pilot was found alive by the SDF.
0.3182 That is complete nonsense. The afghan government is still fighting the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan with the help of the Resolute Support Mission .
0.3182 You sure showed me.
0.2748 The law is almost certainly going to pass since SPD+Greens+Left have a majority and some MP from the CDU will probably vote for it too.

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-0.8316 Die Reddit sufu war mal wieder scheie.
-0.8271 Just hours ago a car bomb killed 29 in Helmand Province.
-0.7906 They are bad bad people after all.
-0.7003 An enemy the Iranians have openly fought for years with ground troops .
-0.6369 Since ISIS is practically cut off from reinforcements pingpong in the outskirts of Raqqa is much worse for ISIS.
-0.5994 Israel could have in an all out war.
-0.5994 Nein das ist die Geliebte der beiden Jungen rechts und links auen.
-0.5994 And it also reduces civilian fatalities.
-0.5994 Danke fr die Erinnerung.
-0.5994 Deswegen die Kritik.
-0.5994 Oder meinst du wirklich, dass Menschen die keinen Law-and-Order-Staat wollen des Landes verwiesen werden sollten?
-0.5994 It's the same opinion I had before his death.