/u/egs1928 is a total dick!

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0.8271 The award for best cockholster in the cabinet goes to...
0.743 The May 11th article is an interview with two of Comeys friends who had first hand knowledge of the diner meeting.
0.6705 Pretty sure this has nothing to do with Trump since it's a deal that was negotiated under the Obama administration.
0.6705 Glad to hear it, scumbags like Daleiden need to be put away.
0.6492 Don't worry little snowflake, you can stay in the safe space white house with your Bannon cockholster.
0.6369 Republicans, the party of the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.
0.6369 Cool, thanks for the info.
0.6341 The trump administration has devolved into nothing more than a mindless fan club for a psychopathic narcissistic man-baby.
0.6027 Why do people keep voting for this party when they have no interest in their real issues?
0.5598 Never thought Kim Jong Un would say something so true.
0.5563 Really impressive.

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-0.9561 So a lying fascist piece of shit turns out to be a lying fascist piece of shit...how surprising.
-0.9543 Follow stupid fucking right wing morons end up getting ass raped in prison.
-0.9356 Sadly many of them will die and pathetically many of them will have voted for the very people who killed them.
-0.9287 Well if Repugs are going to fuck people it makes sense to fuck the stupid inbred clowns in the southern states who can't tell when they are being fucked.
-0.9022 That's pretty pathetic getting 4 years for being stupid enough to believe a conspiracy theory that even children know is bullshit.
-0.8957 This is nothing but an attempt by right wing political terrorists to enforce a totalitarian oligarchy on the US.
-0.8779 Sadly and pathetically it's those who have never had any real struggles in life who ignore the plight of some and make stupid claims that it's easy to get ID.
-0.8779 What a pathetic piece of shit you useless con scumbags picked.
-0.8689 And a century later the craven are denying this fact out of ignorance, fear and greed.
-0.8658 He says stupid shit because that's the extent of his pathetic abilities.
-0.8481 This is the scumbag thug that the brain dead right wing trump cockholsters want to be buddies with.
-0.8316 Beaten to death by ignorant thugs for removing a poster.