/u/egs1928 is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 To remain President he needs more than just his followers, they don't make up even 1/3rd of the electorate right now and his support within his own party is tenuous at best.
0.8225 Wow, she looks amazing.
0.7433 I'm surprised he hasn't had a fatal accident yet.
0.7184 Sincerely hope he does.
0.6997 Yup, I remember life before HMO's and before for-profit health care, I'm quite sure you don't.
0.6802 with people like you, you want health services, you want government services but you don't want to pay for them, you think you are entitled to them because reasons.
0.6705 Every CBO report so far indicates that each of the Republican health care plans will increase premiums, end insurance for between 20 and 30 million people.
0.6249 Sounds like a good way for this guy to end up in a serious accident..
0.6115 They are trained that their lives are more important than others and that their primary duty is to go home safe every night regardless of the consequences to others.
0.6114 Connor wins!
0.5719 In a perfect world you would have a set for band and a set for solos....perfect world.

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-0.9169 What a whiny piece of shit trump is, Fuck him and Fuck his scumbag supporters.
-0.875 The modern argument that an object is guilty of a crime is legal nonsense.
-0.8442 No fixing stupid racists.
-0.8316 Cops are taught to fear everything, to treat everyone as a potential threat and every situation as a life and death situation.
-0.8316 i suspect that when they use the term "shoot down" that's likely what they are referring to since it's not really feasible to be opening up on a civilian drone with anti aircraft weapons.
-0.8176 It's a result of the militarization of the police and constant fear mongering by trainers teaching cops that civilians are the enemy.
-0.8074 They are shown painfully vivid, heart-wrenching dash-cam footage of officers being beaten, disarmed, or gunned down after a moment of inattention or hesitation.
-0.7971 He doesn't seem to understand that firing the lead investigator does not stop the investigation, it only reinforces the idea that Trump is desperate to hide illegal acts.
-0.7964 The basis for historic asset forfeiture was to punish a criminal by confiscating their "ill gotten gains".
-0.7902 Either way going to a meeting with a foreign agent was a really bad decision. The only reason he is releasing his emails is to try to get out ahead of this to minimize the damage.
-0.7893 So even worse than the steamer they shit out a couple weeks ago, got it.
-0.7845 Ok, how about this; you try to bribe a judge but when going to meet the judge you see a cop and decide to bail at the last minute, that's still intent to bribe and is still illegal.