/u/egs1928 is kind of a dick.

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0.8885 He can say he isn't going to get involved in politics but the position of Supreme Court justice is a political position as much as any other appointment is.
0.7717 Perhaps you could link to some evidence of Repubs and "a good number" of Dems in office praising Joe.
0.7717 I'm pretty sure every President in my lifetime, since Kennedy, has been supportive of NASA.
0.6705 Pretty sure the source doesn't change the veracity of the statement.
0.6697 Thank you for the very informative write up, very interesting.
0.6697 The disconnect with reality, I'd really like to know what color the sky is in that special snowflakes world.
0.6597 Interesting considering that a lot of "tea party" folks get their insurance through the ACA.
0.6369 Exactly, putting the channels back to back and having the load go through the webs is a perfectly sound design option.
0.6369 But after England voted to bail on the EU, it seems like independence is the smart move.
0.6115 Been using Gannaway for a while now, very happy with the feel.
0.5994 I certainly hope he intends to repeal the part of Obamacare that forces women to pay for insurance that covers mens Viagra.

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-0.9072 They pull him for this and not the years of stupid bullshit pulled out of his ass?!?
-0.8995 More stupid shit for tiny chinese dicks, disgusting.
-0.8949 Why are you trying so hard to defend ignorant racist assholes?
-0.875 Not surprised that this shit was From that fuckwit king, he's an idiot racist pos.
-0.8402 So looking forward to the news of his accidental death by massive lead poisoning.
-0.8126 The only cynical part here is a HUD spokesman trying to state after the fact that Carson didn't mean to equate slavery with immigrants...which he did several times.
-0.807 This kind of stupid needs to be removed before they shit in the gene pool.
-0.7845 This guy is taking the idea of dumbass tool to a whole new level, he's getting into professional idiot realms.
-0.7741 What a lying little piece of shit Mulvaney is.
-0.765 So in general, Dems overstated the results of ACA and Repubs just made shit up about how awful it is.
-0.742 Why weren't those ignorant red neck racist fucks thrown out on their fat asses?
-0.7351 There's no stopping stupid.