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0.8415 ROFLMAO, wow you trumpster divers really are delusional.
0.8402 Get the popcorn ready, this should be good for a laugh.
0.7906 Good on for getting it, you made a great choice.
0.7506 Huh, wondner how long the rich are going to sit idly by while Trump and his cronies screw with their wealth.
0.7479 Well he's got a point, intelligent people are usually more liberal which certainty explains why he's a fuckwit.
0.7213 LOL, sounds like someone learned a new word.
0.7096 While that would be a great result, the line of succession does not include Nancy Pelosi.
0.6908 Wow, someone needs a nap and a glass of warm milk.
0.6808 And Dems are hoping this is true and looking forward to the shitshow.
0.631 Ok, I'm a dyed in the wool WR Blue owner but that red with the reflections, that stance, and trim is simply killer. Well played sir, well played.
0.5994 Africa accounts for only 23 per cent of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions from energy and industrial sources." - United Nations fact sheet on Climate Change

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-0.8225 Petty scumbag dictator acts like petty scumbag dictator who's surprised?
-0.8122 So racist white southern judge fucks over a black man, nothing new here.
-0.7506 If I gave a fuck about reasoning with mindless dolts your comment might make some sense.
-0.7089 The fact that Cheetolini is still whining about this is fucking pathetic.
-0.6948 "Home terminus" I am so stealing that.
-0.6341 So much whining from the Trumpsters, you'd think they weren't happy having to be his cockholsters.
-0.6249 Takes a special kind of stupid to be in this cabinet and by golly Wilbur is just that kind of stupid.
-0.5994 Looking forward to news of the coup and his violent demise at the hands of his own people.
-0.5574 That Turkey was taken over in a coup by a fascist.
-0.5423 Too bad he lived.
-0.5423 Fuck the traitor Trump and his cockholster Erdogan.
-0.5267 The amount of stupid is too dam high.