/u/egs1928 is kind of a dick.

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0.946 For a band chanter you would want a chanter with a strong clear high hand, deep rich tone and strong presence that blends with the drones to produce a wall of sound.
0.8885 He can say he isn't going to get involved in politics but the position of Supreme Court justice is a political position as much as any other appointment is.
0.8225 Wow, just wow.
0.7964 And he's doing his best to fulfill that prophecy.
0.7778 I'm so glad I live in this intelligent progressive state.
0.7506 Good luck with that donny, a lot of people who are a fuckton smarter than you are have tried and failed to solve the N.
0.7425 Very nice look, you've inspired me.
0.6697 Thank you for the very informative write up, very interesting.
0.6697 The disconnect with reality, I'd really like to know what color the sky is in that special snowflakes world.
0.6278 She was ok with illegals being deported on a whim just not her illegal cause he's nice...what a fuckwit.
0.6249 The aircraft was flying pretty straight and level when it hit the pentagon so the impact would be at close to a 90 degree angle.

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-0.9432 Fuck Trump, Fuck his disgusting ignorant mindless supporters and Fuck all Repuglicunts in general.
-0.9337 Hiring someone who's too stupid to do the research any 12 year old can do because he can make stupid shit sound eloquent is pathetic.
-0.9072 They pull him for this and not the years of stupid bullshit pulled out of his ass?!?
-0.8955 So no gays in Chechnya because the Government has rounded them up and put them in death camps or murdered them, got it.
-0.8481 Of course he was....those who make the most noise and wallow in righteous indignation are always the ones who are raping children and fucking rent boys in hotel rooms.
-0.8442 The whining from assholes who think taxes are theft is infuriating
-0.7964 This piece of shit gets paid by the ISP's to fuck over his constituents.
-0.7964 The level of outright stupid in this administration is terrifying.
-0.7861 This was negligent homicide and this incompetent cop needs to see prison time.
-0.7845 This guy is taking the idea of dumbass tool to a whole new level, he's getting into professional idiot realms.
-0.7684 You could watch a ship traveling away and watch it sink as it travels away but sadly it seems the conclusion of that elementary observation is probably lost on you.
-0.765 The only one attacking her was race official Jock Semple, he died in '88.