/u/eaterofdog is kind of a dick.

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0.8689 Yeah, I'm a pretty good swimmer and I'd be like "Oh, he's too far away.
0.7783 It's super easy to buy frozen Sysco garbage and fry it.
0.7351 It was super cool, so we collected more and more of them.
0.696 I'll use credit to my advantage, but the less I owe, the better.
0.6808 I'll just take a strong drip brewed Kenya AA please.
0.6808 Of course, I only have like three real friends.
0.6597 Charm is getting the answer yes without ever asking a question.
0.6597 The downside of being a pretty girl is everyone assumes all you are is pretty.
0.6486 Luckily no one was caught inside and it burned out pretty fast.
0.6369 I love that 13/16, you don't see much inox that big.
0.6369 Advanced Hand Axes with Master Flint Knapper Thag of Olduvai Gorge

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-0.8957 His parents killed him with their stupidity and arrogance.
-0.8462 I was going to post links, but they were depressing as fuck.
-0.7717 Whelp, his parents got him breakfast "because he was hungry" he vomited under anesthesia, aspirated it, then got a terrible lung infection and died.
-0.7177 Damned Germans, they ruined Germany!
-0.7096 It's just that lazy, stupid Americans don't vote.
-0.7096 Who gives a shit if they are inexplicably searching for lost jewelry on a snowy beach in Alaska?
-0.7096 You get caught in the desert sun, you will lose hydration scary fast.
-0.7088 Susan-G-Komen that motherfucker!
-0.6908 She didn't suddenly become a spoiled, demanding bitch.
-0.6908 Red is banjos and rape.
-0.6808 A scrapper tore it open and scattered the cesium 137 all over hell and back.
-0.6775 Context was even provided for you. LOL the poor clueless bastard