/u/eaterofdog is kind of a dick.

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0.9258 Well, you get friend prices, so win win.
0.8519 But Italian Barber makes some pretty good, pretty cheap razors.
0.7783 You should stick with Maggard if you want hand holding and a sympathetic ear.
0.7269 I recall a bunch of my friends being sweet talked by recruiters and signing up for the service right out of high school.
0.7184 Can faith save him?
0.6369 And a lifelong love of leather jumpsuits.
0.6318 Because you can only really be cool if you are not trying to be cool.
0.6249 Great response.
0.5801 I'm not trying to slag on them, I like their stuff and never had a problem with their products or service.
0.5473 Sold out in 15 mins LOL
0.5149 This is REALLY cool to do.

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-0.867 When they realize they aren't very bright and don't have a single interesting thing to say, so they try to shit all over everyone who does have interesting things to say.
-0.8625 You whine about some minor shit, Joe might literally curse you out.
-0.8532 Have you ever just really, really hated your dick and balls?
-0.7376 I'm not sure what you're saying but fuck you
-0.7118 The pay wasn't bad for a high schooler, but it was brutal work unfit for anyone over age 25.
-0.6808 Motherfucker DANCED
-0.6597 It could mean a bizarre, incomprehensible, dangerous undertaking.
-0.6597 The tragedy of dickie-do.
-0.6369 And people hated her for it.
-0.6249 That's the worst.
-0.5994 "Black people have an extra bone in their leg, that's why they can run fast." "Black people's skin is heavier, that's why they can't swim." And they would defend it to the death.
-0.5859 I have bitch slapped a billy goat for doing that.