/u/eaterofdog is kind of a dick.

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0.9011 I love to tinker, but, for the love of God, get a fuel air meter to jet your carb.
0.7506 Many of the set details are excellent and help make the world real.
0.6697 And I fucking love fried chicken.
0.6597 Good fit and finish.
0.6486 The CPU runs at like 5% lol
0.6369 It's perfectly doable, he's just a fucking redneck barney.
0.6369 The best chicken places are on MLK.
0.6249 Works great here.
0.6115 I've been really happy with it.
0.5859 Folks ought to be buying these instead of buying turds on ebay and having them restored, which gives you a restored turd.
0.5719 The last one I heard about, the people were supposedly going somewhere overnight, but they boarded their pets lol

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-0.9421 The problem isn't that guns can be dangerous, the problem is that people are fucking stupid and they do stupid fucking things.
-0.9246 I'm also a gun owner and I hate you guys that drag out these retarded arguments.
-0.9118 Watching those dumb bastards set themselves up for life to wallop them later is excruciating.
-0.8779 But many people cannot conceive of anyone being evil enough to kill thousands of their fellow countrymen for money and power.
-0.7506 I was wondering why the hell you were flying over the ocean with that shitty connection lol
-0.743 The only problem I've ever had is they send me random shit sometimes and then resend the correct item immediately.
-0.7351 Somehow it keeps getting worse and worse the more I read.
-0.7184 Yeah, wouldn't you make up some bullshit if you did something that stupid?
-0.7003 Hell, go out and snag a stray leave it at their house.
-0.6908 Will they kill you for this?
-0.6908 No sweat off my ass.
-0.6908 If you've got open time to kill, payment up front in cash.