/u/eaterofdog is kind of a dick.

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0.891 Yes, please carry my words of inspiration with you, my friend.
0.8519 You'll always be able to find someone smarter, richer and better looking than you, there's seven billion people to compare yourself to.
0.7666 Never happy, always striving and competing with people who don't give a shit what you do.
0.6597 Anytime there is a meeting, I show up with my folder of printouts and smile as bright as the sun.
0.6486 That's the best you can do?" The guy gets all nervous, "Uh, yeah, hehe" Never again.
0.6486 Yeah, but it's only liked by white trash and old people these days.
0.6369 Not being involved at all is the best way not to be the guy in the back of the car.
0.6369 Gotta love it.
0.6369 In the '60s, I made love to many, many women, often outdoors, in the mud and the rain, and it's possible a man slipped in.
0.6369 One of the best remakes ever, IMO.
0.6249 I ended up ordering a couple sets of [these] and found the 4.0 work great for me.

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-0.9166 Go suck a fucking donkey dick dry, you useless piece of shit
-0.8779 J&J just got their ass handed to them for hiding the fact that talcum powder causes cancer in women's reproductive organs.
-0.8689 They also suppressed a home mouth cancer test because it would make people aware that alcohol causes mouth cancer and it might reduce sales of Listerene.
-0.836 A significant number of them are hopeless drunks/druggies, with all of the abuse and dysfunction that go along with that.
-0.8126 Dude, you fucked the Dread Pirate Scott.
-0.802 I'd rather have crappy tacos than crappy hamburgers.
-0.7322 If you try to call a sandwich a Cuban and it doesn't have at least three of these meats, I will stab you in the fucking face and drop your body in a swamp.
-0.7096 And they get angry when you tell them they are selling crap at NOS prices.
-0.7096 Way back when, central Florida had several weeks of freezing temperatures that killed all of the citrus.
-0.7003 Meandering from a silly looking monster and Japanese bureaucracy to pure horror as the monster cuts every skyscraper in Tokyo in half.
-0.6808 Motherfucker, ham and salami is a fucking Italian.
-0.6808 Ennis Cosby's murderer.