/u/dorordian is very positive!

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0.9298 I absolutely love Stephen Colbert, his personality is amazing and his show only furthers my love for him
0.875 I missed this allusion entirely, but it absolutely beautifully clear now that it yas been pointed out to me!
0.8553 I view the Pokmon Center with the same adoration most people view Disneyland with, it's such a magical place if you love the Pokmon universe!
0.8442 I love how a one word response was gilded, it's beautiful.
0.8203 I personally, and it seems like a lot of other people, have been waiting for a game like this for quite a while, I'm glad it has finally arrived!
0.8122 Congratulations friend, here's to many more to come!
0.7991 I absolutely love how well thought-out your comment is, bravo sir!
0.7957 It's only been two years since my trek but gosh the feels come rushing back so hard and wonderfully warm!
0.7925 This is my new all time favorite movie, it was so good!
0.7897 The crowd made for an even more amazing experience than I had hoped for!
0.7845 That was beautifully executed my friend

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7506 Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread, most other breads taste disgusting to me because my taste buds have been severely spoiled
-0.5848 curse fictional sexism!
-0.5472 No one thinks about it getting cold in the desert, at least not myself, thankfully my Scout Master didn't overlook that factor.
-0.5067 THIS IS CRAZY!!!
-0.3612 Unnecessary pessimism, do we not already have enough of that?
-0.34 Yea, what an idiot ;)
-0.2732 I misread the title...
-0.1759 And my axe!
-0.1027 This is how I feel trying to figure out how to pay for college
-0.1027 Sure it has it's faults, but so does every OS, most of which are subjective.
0.0 What's your MBTI?