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0.9432 If you think it's worth the wait, then trust her and trust the process. Best of luck!
0.9231 Everything in moderation . It is important to save and plan for the future, and at the same time, we should still allow ourselves to pursue our passions and the things we love.
0.9153 May the memory of a good day be something that gives you hope and comfort for the future. I hope this message helps you get through tonight.
0.8957 Hopefully we can be the best neighbors we can be and make the world a beautiful place for everyone.
0.8932 I hope you are able to approach this in a healthy way and feel stronger and more confident in yourself as a result, regardless of the ultimate outcome.
0.8932 Though unplanned, it was good for my soul. I hope you had a nice week and are having a nice weekend!
0.875 that we matter) in order to love others, do better, and make the world a better place.
0.875 As you show people who you are, and as you find people who truly like you for you, it will help you to better navigate life.
0.8663 They've been so gracious and shown great hospitality .
0.8648 She seemed to be really happy, like someone who has truly embraced life.
0.8591 Your desire will help you do awesome.

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-0.8126 May we fight the voice of doubt and negativity.
-0.7007 I am often quite gracious to others but can really kick myself for my own faults and errors.
-0.6808 Drunk me has mad game. I used to utilize this skill when I was younger...
-0.6749 As I know someone longer, I have more of an idea of where I stand and more readily think/respond, "sure, not problem" without internalizing it and fearing that there's something wrong with me.
-0.5989 Trust can be really difficult, but it is important because you will only harm the relationship if you're constantly questioning her after the initial discussion.
-0.5255 * I think I would regret never reaching out.
-0.5043 Sometimes people will push their own insecurities onto you. Also, I just realized that I am not sure if you guys are exclusive.
-0.4767 We are all broken in our own ways.
-0.4767 However, because of a delay with my visa, my flight was postponed a few days.
-0.4423 Also, please don't feel like less of a man if you end up crying.
-0.4019 There are some things that are a part of who we are and when we change them, we lose a large part of ourselves.
-0.4005 Last week, I really messed up.