/u/doldenberg is a total dick!

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0.8979 Also, claiming that freedom of speech and expression are Western values is exactly the shit I'm talking about.
0.7506 I assume it might be possible to program an automatic save game editor, but I don't know enough about save game editing either to really say whether it is possible.
0.7384 Didn't end up so great the last time we tried it.
0.7184 Would be perfectly fine to get the option for LLs.
0.6705 I think this is something we might often forget; that unlike the right wing populists in Europe, Trump only won because he had the whole Republican party behind him.
0.6523 HAHAHA abweichende Lebensentwrfe.
0.6486 I can permanently get rid of every other Lord and easily replace them with something better.
0.6288 So you said, okay, it is, but they'll definitely make a GOTY / Gold edition.
0.6124 There's the whole Capture All thing, a mod that was available from day one with help from CA due to popular demand.
0.5859 Maybe they say, Warhammer was rather successful and we're doing that whole trilogy, so lets do collections again.
0.5719 Not very realistic that the Empire would send all its Elector Counts alone against some huge stack of enemies, sure, but who cares.

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-0.9485 Aber das ist ja die Sache: Wenn die falsche Regierung an die Macht kommt, interessiert die das auch nicht, wie nett wir vorher waren.
-0.9337 Yes, but again, why should players feel forced to abandon a Legendary Lord just because the AI fucked them up?
-0.9174 Hell, I don't even care about normal lords, I can kill them off.
-0.9136 Und die kriegt sie ja auch jetzt nicht, eben weil die Leute sptestens in der Klausur ausgefiltert werden. Also muss die Frage erlaubt sein: Warum nicht von vornherein weniger Leute aufnehmen?
-0.9136 Was man eigentlich meint ist: Hr doch auf die rzte, die auch die richtigen Dinge sagen.
-0.8779 I'd be happier with that than with a Legendary Lord that sucks ass and that I have no option of killing off. You admit yourself that there's a problem.
-0.872 Again: By saying that those completely random acts of violence are an attack on "our values", you're basically agreeing with the terrorists.
-0.8519 Other countries outside the West have parliaments, and terrorists would attack them too, no matter what their cause is.
-0.836 But being stuck with the bad choices of the AI, that's just stupid.
-0.8316 Ich setze "kompliziert" in Gnsefchen weil es das wirklich nur fr Mathematikprofessoren zu seien scheint, die mittlerweile die deutsche Sprache verlernt haben.
-0.8316 Sollen wir auf die studierte Chemikerin Frauke Petry hren, die uns erklrt der Klimawandel wre nicht real?
-0.8316 Autorittsargumente funktionieren nur, wenn die Autoritten auch die richtigen Dinge sagen.