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0.9392 I have a lot of friends with nice cards and I would like to give back some help. My box is https://dbz.space/box/Kare Thank you all for your help!
0.8883 I would like to beat him in super difficulty. Here's my box: https://dbz.space/box/Kare Much appreciated and thanks in advance!
0.8834 I wish you the best and keep enjoying the game.
0.8613 Hahaha yeah, I leave a MV leader when I go to sleep or can't play for a few hours to repay the favours to all the people with Gogetas/Super Vegitos/Gotenks I have on my friend list.
0.8553 It would be awesome if you post a team like that for stage 4. Thank you for the info!
0.8519 I too have to thank /u/R0H4N_101 because with his help, [I have these two awesome SSJ3s]
0.8472 Super AGL with SSJ4 Vegeta friends) as I don't wish to spend more money on this game, so I hope at least I can pull one and live with that. Thank you for the reply!
0.8439 Thanks mate, good luck to you too!
0.8415 :D Nah just kidding, you're doing awesome work there, you're like the Snowden of Dokkan Battle.
0.8398 Good news. My best wishes to every one in this future banner!
0.8221 My [INT units are these ones], so maybe you can help me decide based on my box. Thank you, cheers!

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-0.8981 Even I do not post much, it's a damn shame to lose the really amazing work you and the others do due to teenager bullshit dick-measuring-contest drama who only contribute anger shitposting.
-0.883 How much damage reduction does this fucker has? Otherwise it's a bit relying on luck, nothing a good app emergency close can't save. Thank you so much u/steviewonderkid
-0.6707 Beerus kicked my ass so hard I need sweet revenge.
-0.6707 Beerus kicked my ass so hard I need sweet revenge.
-0.6369 So then, the only relevant skill is critical, I don't see the point of additional attacks even I read the linked threads...
-0.6124 Yeah, that would be the case but I don't know if the additional attack skill ignores that passive.
-0.5927 Maybe they were banning live but it's obvious it's a very simple detection script that leaves cheaters unharmed.
-0.4939 Yeah, I wasted some training items on the STR one, I thought he was SR and thus the confusion.
-0.4404 Hey cheaters, [guess what?]
-0.4215 it's a big piece of shit with super attack 10 getting dust in the box.
-0.3851 My luck has been so shitty I don't have any decent AGL or TEQ cards.
-0.3612 I have one Gohan dupe to try, so we'll see how it goes.