/u/doatech is very positive!

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0.9386 Yeah all 3 0-0, still won some so thanks :) good job on the spreadsheet
0.926 Good luck sok sikert :) Edit: trust me hungarian girls will melt when you try to speak even a few words in hungarian.
0.8689 nice quality, awesome job, thanks for making it compatible with roll20
0.8519 Personally I am looking forward to it, I hope you guys at Parsec can deliver an awesome streaming solution.
0.8398 I made 2 more and will upload them later, but feel free to send me a link requests if you saw something you like!
0.8356 I fell in love with mine too, everything is sooo vibrant!
0.807 I would love own a nice used one!
0.807 I use fira code too, it's really easy for the eyes, great for js/php
0.802 You cant learn every template and library, pick some popular ones you like and you are good to go.
0.7906 Also check out Strong Curves by Bret Contreras, a lot of girls out there having success with it.
0.7897 Play ME in order, first episode is really good and its aged really well.

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-0.875 Have you ever heard the tragedy of Drunk Plagueis the wasted?
-0.5719 Geez I see a lot of hate in some comments.
-0.5574 The phone died too
-0.4782 Do more if you can, I wanted to do the same but didnt found any good method.
-0.3802 Dont be greedy!
-0.3595 No, not that one you perv!
-0.3572 Yes it's not super advanced cs stuff, but be open minded and never stop learning and then the challange never ends :)
-0.3291 I am no expert but I would recommend skipping cheat meals/carbs even if its once per week.
-0.296 Dang missed the golden shower again.
-0.2732 Man I envy people how can experience the whole trilology for the first time
-0.128 Working on an Oil rig
-0.1027 Was it hard?