/u/dirtybabygirl is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9201 blue is my fav color, but i like the pink better myself :)
0.8977 Lmao :) My pleasure!
0.8934 Thanks, glad you liked it :)
0.8877 Thanks, I'm happy you think so :)
0.886 Lol thanks, yes it did :)
0.8744 this one was best for me cuz it was so much like eroshare and therefore familiar to me :)
0.8553 :) hope u enjoy it!
0.8519 Thanks :) I like making them ;)
0.8442 Thanks sweetie :)
0.8398 Thank you, I'm happy u like it!
0.836 Would you please add erome as well? Thank you :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 Sure, but it might get lost in my inbox :/
-0.3716 yup, not mine tho...i wish!
-0.3595 I missed you too baby!
-0.3252 I'm really not sure...but big lol
-0.305 I'm really not sure so...
-0.2411 I wasn't sure i was gonna keep posting on here.
-0.1027 Ya idk, i'm still getting used to erome
-0.0772 I'm no angel ;)
0.0 Absolutely!!
0.0 or any color!!
0.0 Very hot video!
0.0 Yup, a couple actually...