/u/dirtybabygirl is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.968 Lol :) well thank you :) So happy you weren't disappointed :)
0.9555 Wow thanks so much, I'm so flattered :) Mmm i love that you watch them at work....
0.9505 Thanks I'm really happy you think so :) Mmmm sounds like fun!
0.9326 Aww thank you so much :) Mmmm i love that :D
0.9301 Thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed :)
0.9284 Mmm perfect i love that :) I really do like to be choked...
0.9256 Thanks so much :) Im happy you enjoyed it!
0.9186 Well happy belated bday :) Mmmm I love that you've been jerking off to my vids...
0.9129 Thanks so much I'm happy you liked it :)
0.907 Thanks so much :) Yes please ;)
0.9042 Thanks :) Lots of fun :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7524 Mmm too bad I can't help ;)
-0.5423 Mmm think how much sexier it would be if I was saying it as u fucked me ;) Aww thanks...
-0.4939 Mmmm whats my punishment?
-0.4767 but it usually takes me longer to go thru them :/
-0.296 No, I don't even know what that is?
-0.2411 not sure i will be cumming in all of them tho....
-0.2244 nah when i leave, i'll delete everything!
-0.1027 hmm idk baby...
0.0 such a turn on!
0.0 i promise...
0.0 be posting more...
0.0 Mmmm so hot!