/u/dfresh042 is very positive!

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39Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8957 Thank you for your good morning wishes I hope you had a good evening at least
0.8481 Thank you for sharing and showing off your assets sweetie
0.8313 Then we could both love it because I know I would be in heaven pawing at you princess!
0.8268 Enjoy your freedom to shine!
0.8122 Let me get my hands on them sweetie and I'll show you how much they can be loved!
0.802 Thank you for showing it off it truly shows off your assets well
0.802 Gorgeous eyes sweetie
0.802 Well that all depends on how good of a job you do sweetie
0.7901 Wide just like i would love to be spreading thosesexy lips!
0.7845 You are curvy perfection sweetie
0.7845 And yes i would love seeing more of you

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7579 Aww you poor neglected princess:/ what are you looking for in a daddy?
-0.658 Make Monday's your bitch!!
-0.5859 A campion slut then
-0.4939 It ia a disgrace
-0.4019 Trouble maker
-0.1531 Thise moans
-0.128 the sound of her wet asshole getting fucked is beautiful
0.0 Could actually hear how wet your naughty pussy was
0.0 I vote down!!
0.0 As should be!
0.0 Damn yes you are
0.0 show daddy what needs attention most