/u/del_castigator is a total dick!

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0.8505 That be great if the party that is most aligned to libertarianism would let cities make local determinations on wadges.
0.7964 I love the ones who say "it's good we are returning to the rule of law" as if every law was just.
0.7351 Top universities only want the best of the best but they also want diversity which is why they racial groups different levels for admissions.
0.7026 Funny thing was I wasn't talking shit about enlisted.
0.5859 lovely you edited what you said.
0.5574 Running is is a 13% increase but since he has a decreased shift cool down he ends up going faster than a running Jason because he can use it more.
0.4939 We care about discrimination against a person's inborn traits.
0.4939 Because they want the main lawn of the campus to be welcoming to every student.
0.4902 He does not have a heart nose so you better match before you raise.
0.4449 Alt-left does not mean jack shit its a made up term by trump.
0.4336 The officers are college educated which makes them more liberal and more likely to accept science and new ideas especially when it comes to doing their job.

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-0.9031 no people literally call themselves the alt-right. but that's not really important Trump said, i'm paraphrasing here, that the alt-left was partly to blame for the violence.
-0.902 They moved the location you stupid fucking twat all memorials are banned in that location not just this one.
-0.8993 hur lets kill off the bears so I can be a lazy fuck.
-0.8714 You can kill someone after 2 seconds with asphyxiate so his weak grip is pointless unless you like to do environmental kills.
-0.836 They let their own king be killed to get revenge on the Lannisters.
-0.7893 You also lose all your exp so Jason loses what 100-200 you lose 500-700
-0.7717 I reported these two yesterday for their hate speech and offensive profiles.
-0.7717 Maybe its time for you to put away your ignorance and hatred of educated people too.
-0.765 17 milling white Americans in poverty 10 milllion black Americans in poverty.
-0.7184 So people have started tying it to WW2 Veterans. Because the counter protesters were protesting Nazis and who else fought Nazis WW2 Vets.
-0.7003 They have provided another space on campus for them. But since you just seem keen to argue that this should be given special treatment I doubt that you will give a shit about my argument.
-0.7003 No I wouldn't im just looking around reading shit.