/u/del_castigator is kind of a dick.

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0.8268 This game looks fucking great and a lot of fun.
0.8225 She won cause of the super delagates.
0.7574 The man eats his meal and thinks its the most delicious food he has ever eaten and asks the man if he can thank the chef.
0.7506 It was actually a friend of her friend.
0.7269 You're pretty good.
0.7096 yeah man he won by -3,000,000 votes.
0.5994 If you wanna get super technical the democrats put the republican plan through cause the democrats couldn't pass the democrats option.
0.5994 Seems like once Ailes was out at fox the top talent had no one to shield them from their shittyness.
0.5859 Yes but we were talking about fresh water.
0.5423 For health sprays have 2 uses its quality depends on the bonus healing that you get from the perk not from the 2 use part.
0.5274 yes but none for the fire.

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-0.947 Huh I guess the crazy murdering ass cock did launch the chemical weapons attack despite having no reason to do so since he was winning the war.
-0.9001 I do which is why I'm confused you make an argument you back it up otherwise your just talking out your ass and your argument holds no water.
-0.886 Cause Assad is a crazy murdering psychopath that uses an iron fist and fear to quench rebellion in the population.
-0.802 Jason can nullify your ability to fight back by simply blocking making chad useless at fighting and only suited for running away.
-0.802 fuckin pathetic wanker.
-0.7906 [Muslim ban from the mouth of the man himself] You lying hack.
-0.7783 lets just starve american citizens no problem with that.
-0.6908 the kill zone will be the starts adjacent to Yellowstone.
-0.6486 Slavery was legal for almost 90 years.
-0.6369 Remember defense of life not property gives you the right to kill a person.
-0.6124 once they have transitioned they are no longer mentally ill.
-0.5984 its not politically incorrect its fucking illegal.