/u/del_castigator is kind of a dick.

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0.8519 Great your wife jumps you for a surprise bear hug and she just explodes.
0.8225 [Ah ha ha ha ha ha.]
0.8225 Ah ha ha ha ha.
0.7717 But crackers ability to create an unending army of soldiers who are tough af is pretty damn strong.
0.7398 Please it wasn't Hillary's fault for what the party did.
0.7269 Step 2 is easy just take care of your looks.
0.6124 Heck step 1 is easy as well just dont have a repulsive personality.
0.5994 If you wanna get super technical the democrats put the republican plan through cause the democrats couldn't pass the democrats option.
0.5106 Right sure have fun with that lack of food diversity.
0.5096 It doesn't hes a shithead.
0.4932 They think they know how to run things better when they dont even understand what early voting is nor can they pay attention and read a sign.

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-0.9035 Not too ironic for instance you are more likely to die from family than from a terror attack in america.
-0.8573 I forget which state but when fracking jobs came to an area it sucked up all the low skilled workers and forced places like McDonald's to pay 15 dollars to find workers.
-0.8413 So you make mistakes and chastise others for making mistakes while not being aware of your own.
-0.8402 He also raped his wife after pulling out a patch of her hair after one of his hair plug surgeries hurt more than expected.
-0.8316 Oh no my weakness a lack of an argument.
-0.8176 It always annoys me that they have to kill zombies after winter.
-0.8126 Eh people were willing to cross miles of open desert and risk death before so adding a small climb wont change that. Also we wont be just opening fire on anyone crossing the wall.
-0.7964 You're pulling shit out your ass.
-0.7845 Let's see a compulsive liar who makes shit up to froth up his base vs an actual event that we didn't really have the full story on.
-0.7783 Their is a difference between an insult and a curse word.
-0.7315 I dont like to see people get hurt but I do love to see people hurt themselves when trying to hurt others.
-0.6908 Question how the fuck do I no longer see /r/popular when logged out its fucking trash.