/u/deflateddoritodinks is kind of a dick.

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0.914 Yeah but if the costs got high I would just sell the restaurant, so amazed at how you guys survived.
0.7672 Yeah Obama LOVES America .
0.7351 My hardo friend just laughed at me the whole time.
0.628 LOL! "Unlike his late father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Uhuru does not carry a fly-whisk as a mark of authority.
0.5994 Said Clockwork Orange sucked, but made him rich.
0.5859 Wow how unfunny.
0.5707 Free elections no fair!
0.507 He's not American so who cares?
0.4404 Not a good idea to have the barrel poking out of a hole.
0.4404 Clinton's good buddy.
0.431 Turned out not as bad as I initially thought.

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-0.765 Try the cunt loser for the third time.
-0.7506 That's what happens when the Dems lie about shit even hiring a company that lies.
-0.7424 My snow plowing bill last winter was outrageous I tell you outrageous!
-0.7351 Poor poor elites.
-0.6808 Terrorism started 70 years ago when the Nazis trained the mussies.
-0.6705 Just have to have people get killed.
-0.6486 Speed bump Tsarnaev was on the full boat refugee welfare program but regularly went back to Dagestan where he had told the immigration judge he "feared for his life".
-0.6486 From my cold dead hands...
-0.6124 They also stayed with those bastards across the pond.
-0.6124 Eat a bag of dicks douchebag.
-0.5994 No problem for him.
-0.5574 You're coffee is shit.