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0.76 I don't have a problem with them billing Medicar, Medicaid, and private insurance, but I don't believe they should have special government grants.
0.5574 Plus Seth Rich.
0.5423 Peace in the middle east.
0.5233 A fucking Ford Fiesta?
0.5106 How talented.
0.4926 He surely didn't!
0.4404 HE made the economy better.
0.4215 Nice to see the taxpayers paying billions of dollars for this fuckery.
0.4215 Liberal tears are delicious.
0.4019 All the lobbyists and congressional corrupt pols with the help of the secret government remove a president.
0.4019 I don't think that would support a semi trailer.

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-0.802 Then charge them with suspicion of terrorism.
-0.7964 Deport your 3,500 terrorist suspects.
-0.7845 Kanye just steals shit from everyone including Broadway musicals.
-0.7783 Dude this is scary shit.
-0.7777 If you liked illegal aliens, high taxes, and terrorist refugees she was your woman!
-0.7579 If they're suspected of terrorism deport them to ISIS.
-0.743 They're fake gay to come and bomb us.
-0.7165 A very Clinton kill.
-0.6956 There's no evidence of Russians associating with Trump either, but we have this big fake investigation.
-0.6908 Pass a law, or they will kill you all.
-0.6908 In a month all the street lights will be stolen for witch doctors' props.
-0.6705 Tell that to the DNC who killed him.