/u/deflateddoritodinks is kind of a dick.

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0.7558 I don't want to make Elon Musk rich when I can't afford to pay the taxes I have now, or pay for scammers like Solantra.
0.529 She'd be alive if the police hadn't stood down, and she hadn't illegally blocked a street.
0.4939 Google and Apple have a secret agreement not to hire each others' employees.
0.4939 It's pretty famous actually.
0.4939 Pretty much the definition of the left, e.g.
0.4449 Why aren't they fired yet?
0.4404 Renewable energy is fine if it is cheaper than non renewable.
0.4404 Good, They can fucking stay there and not get polio.
0.4215 Also attracted people I never heard of.
0.4215 One person had to go to work to pay the taxes pretty much.
0.4019 You need help.

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-0.8834 Assault weapons have been illegal since 1935.
-0.8178 All this crap is a distraction to make you not pay attention to the high taxes,tuition, and shitty jobs you are subject to,
-0.7845 What an ugly piece of shit.
-0.765 If you block my car on a public street you might get run over because only criminals do that.
-0.7184 I don't think she knows what an assault weapon is.
-0.7184 Billy Bulger, the ex chancellor of UMass and brother of the notorious homicidal maniac White Bulger, collect a $200,000 pension until he dies.
-0.7088 " Get the hell back here and do your job!" Bill Belichick.
-0.6705 Do I look suicidal?
-0.6705 Unfortunately what we have now is a bunch of pink hats,pinkos, union thugs, and fake Indians.
-0.6633 If you subtract the welfare the net is NEGATIVE $25 Billion.
-0.6597 They murdered more people than the Nazis did.
-0.6124 I would like gun laws loosened to make it legal to shoot any cunt who told me what I could do or not do.