/u/deathtocontrollers is a total dick!

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0.9118 No, he sounds like he'd make a good father because he values loyalty and honor.
0.9001 A relationship is technically the opposite of freedom because commitment is the opposite of freedom.
0.765 All I want is a rich girl to support my expensive PC gaming habit.
0.7313 And people who think it's good that fast food workers are making almost nothing deserve cancer, IMO.
0.7184 [This] creature is smarter than most people on this Earth and probably smarter than half the people reading this right now.
0.7096 Not capable of empathy, only living in the present and trying to have as much fun as possible...
0.7096 It's like a bunch of rich kids picking on poor kids to feel better about themselves.
0.6835 If you want to enjoy a life of freedom, there is nothing wrong with that but then you need to stay single.
0.6597 Well at least she is honest.
0.6575 Good people don't cheat.
0.6555 So truly intelligent human beings are not like this.

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-0.9231 Yep but a serial killer is still a serial killer.
-0.9118 She is just a stupid evil slut.
-0.9037 They could accept the truth but that wouldn't help them boost their ego so they'd rather just think younger generations are lazy, stupid etc...
-0.8866 Your husband is probably traumatized for life from all this horrible shit you put him through.
-0.8807 Not everything is black and white but cheating on your husband once makes you a backstabbing soulless cunt.
-0.875 It's basically an illogical argument to trivialize your pain and suffering.
-0.7964 If you work your ass off, you should be able to at least have a shitty apartment all to yourself...
-0.7964 And if you fail to live up to that, they see you as a piece of shit.
-0.7845 In other words, stupid as fuck.
-0.7845 I find this argument from people to be illogical and evil from my point of view.
-0.7783 That old guy is a dumb ass.
-0.7661 That is so fucked up, man.