/u/deathtocontrollers is kind of a dick.

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0.8586 Complete makes the game a lot more beautiful without a lot of work and is a good mod for those who want a more casual experience.
0.7964 Clear Sky has better graphics than Shadow Of Chernobyl so of course, the system requirements for Clear Sky are going to be higher.
0.7964 The Freedom patch is a lot better than the Doodie patch.
0.7783 Clear Sky has the best graphics out of all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
0.7739 LOL that is pretty much almost everyone's reaction to a mutant sneaking up on you.
0.7672 Why are you friends with breeders? EDIT: LOL at breeders downvoting this comment in a r/childfree sub.
0.7026 Let's hope it's not just some shitty quick cash grab though.
0.6908 I don't know you so I don't know what kind of game play is fun for you.
0.6705 I appreciate your helpful responses.
0.669 Once in awhile, an entertaining video with someone almost dying won't destroy this sub.
0.6597 You sound like a good father.

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-0.9013 Sick and tired of humanity, then unleash a Banzai charge as a Japanese officer and cut down a dozen or so of your enemies with a Katana!
-0.8934 He could have still grabbed the Waffen SS soldier trying to kill Mellish, choked him out then tied him up or took away all his weapons etc.
-0.824 Mellish died because Upham FAILED to do his duty.
-0.8176 One shot and you are dead and it's the same for all your enemies too.
-0.7939 I don't find the Stalker games very scary or disturbing or whatever.
-0.7902 My laptop is very low end so higher versions of Misery are too demanding.
-0.7783 It was only a matter of time before that savage beast entirely ruled by her emotions started to become violent.
-0.7701 I was like get the fuck off of me, you bloodsucking son of a bitch!!!
-0.7678 So much irrational hate towards Complete.
-0.765 The military probably still hates me for stealing all their vodka.
-0.7579 games scary or disturbing or whatever.
-0.7506 I tried "love" and "positivity" and they both failed me miserably.