/u/deathtocontrollers is kind of a dick.

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0.872 Just a nice quiet room and a good book is best for me.
0.8658 5/10s and above only want guys who are good looking, over 6 feet tall, well endowed, well dressed, fun to be around with a lot of resources.
0.8519 Be that friends, family or a girl you loved. That is when you laugh in their face and ghost them.
0.8126 Then you'll be able to enjoy your freedom.
0.7882 HAHAHA, not at all moron.
0.743 People don't have to be 100% white in order to create a glorious civilization.
0.7384 I never said the Middle East is so great.
0.7384 If being a Chad is so great then how come a large percentage of the MGTOW community are Chads?
0.7376 Celebrate the PEACE & QUIET of the single "bachelor" life... First of all, we are not free.
0.7329 You probably don't take too kindly to people bursting your bubble of freedom and happiness for life simply by going MGTOW.
0.7184 They are conservative in ways that benefit women but not in ways that benefit men...

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-0.9423 I am who I am because I went through hell, pain you can not possibly imagine, because I was foolish enough to get into a serious relationship with one of these creatures from hell.
-0.9409 I'm not sure incels will ever be falsely accused of rape because women are probably too embarrassed to say they were fucked by such a guy.
-0.9382 After all that happens, don't come back here crying but instead kill yourself you fucking mangina, cuck and white knight piece of shit.
-0.9177 I remember he was a southern-man, who was otherwise conservative, but I can see him being a Beta bitch. A lot of conservatives are really just gynocentric bitches.
-0.9081 Read or listen to the horror stories about Chads who were murdered, sent to prison etc because of a woman.
-0.8928 You don't see that the shiny package with a little bit of candy inside is really a booby trap from hell that will try to destroy your mind, body and soul.
-0.8625 Piss off a woman and get falsely accused of rape and see what happens.
-0.8519 If all women are allowed to become prostitutes, civilization would collapse and life would suck like it sucks today due to the collapse of our civilization some decades ago.
-0.8517 Just the daily shit all men have to deal with on a daily basis is torture but most men are blind to it and are numb to it or enjoy due to being masochists.
-0.8491 WTF How fucking stupid is this guy?
-0.8481 And it would be foolish to not talk about your enemies when you are in a war.
-0.8442 If I had to choose between being a neckbeard and incel VS being a guy who is in a relationship with a creature from hell who will sooner or later destroy my life...