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0.9186 I will definitely look into some the other ones especially Child of Light. Have you ever played Contrast, it is a gorgeous game with a beautiful soundtrack.
0.9001 Haha it certainly looks like I have found someone else who relates with my issues and it is certainly comforting.
0.8979 Well that escalated quickly. Goddammit Reddit, we ruined a perfectly good surprise. Happy birthday internet bro.
0.8807 Hahaha this made me laugh :)
0.8779 My god those are amazing, I would love to own one.
0.8555 I love the song Summertime and classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.
0.8519 I wish you the best with whatever you are dealing with, it sucks when you feel alone but damn it is a great feeling to find someone like oneself.
0.8519 Awesome, thank you for help explaining to me.
0.8519 Short dungeon queues sounds nice hahaha Thanks
0.8494 Also love that series :D
0.8402 Wow I love the sound of Peyroux.

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-0.891 Unfortunately the depression and anxiety is something I will have to actively fight throughout my life both sides of my family suffer from it along with diabetes and sleep apnea.
-0.6808 That is one dapper motherfucker
-0.5867 Could not be better timing and these are some crazy stories.
-0.5719 So they both have dealt with depression to some degree.
-0.5423 Dude, the sky ride is sketchy as fuck.
-0.4924 I couldn't even finish the original it was so bad imho.
-0.4767 Don't know if it is worse than the jetstar 2 though
-0.4767 I can see though how losing weight definitely could alleviate some of the factors of my mental illnesses.
-0.4404 Even if it is to only walk around the block, I have to start somewhere with my weight so baby steps first.
-0.4211 What do you mean I could not treat my liver disease with medication followed by some chasers???
-0.4118 I had not heard about this :/ Was that a traveling carnival?
-0.4019 My bad, I admit I did not search much before posting.