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0.9151 I was definitely far from the perfect applicant, and my essays were far from perfect, but I think being passionate is really important.
0.9118 Wow, I love your perspective and your positive attitude.
0.9104 Engaging in activities and subjects I've never had the chance to engage in beforelike dance classes will encourage me to step out of my comfort zone more frequently and gain more skills.
0.908 I'm so happy for you and your best friend.
0.899 I don't know about the next four years, but I have faith that our generation will make things better and prevent something like this from happening again in our nation.
0.8957 Good luck, and I hope to see you in Nashville this year :)
0.8908 Hope you and your best friend stay close throughout college!
0.8854 haha well this vandy girl welcomes you so feel free to stay
0.8779 But wherever you go, I hope you have the best of times :)
0.875 There were a few too many romantic ballads though, and I personally think one of them could've been swapped with "Save Myself," which has a great message and is still a slow song.
0.875 Honestly the difference between a 32 and a 33 is negligble though, and your GPA is pretty amazing.

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-0.7494 I don't really care about the trolling itself, but I am a little annoyed by how my own future classmates overreact
-0.5719 I found the rejection letter on this sub, actually:   Dear -, It is with regret that we inform you that we are not able to offer you admission to Vanderbilt for the fall 2016 entering class.
-0.5255 I could be wrong though!
-0.4767 Oh, and Lincoln suspended habeas corpus because of us.
-0.4767 I submitted it without proofreading, and when he found that I didn't use the essay he dictated I write, he exploded and said I ruined my own future.
-0.4404 I can't skip high school to go out and buy Switches :(
-0.429 I love Chris Martin's voice, but the melody is a little bland, and as a nerd, the verse kind of bothers me (Achilles and gold?
-0.4269 Or maybe I dreamed it up, because it's a memory that's so vague I'm not sure it's real.
-0.3986 This election and this past week and a half has been so disgusting, but it's getting a lot of youth to watch the news and form opinions on politics.
-0.3818 Holy crap, Silver Spring?
-0.3612 There's a high demand for top 20 school spots by Asians, but too low a supply by colleges.
-0.34 I think I accidentally clicked ED instead of RD on the dropdown menu for UPenn after doing ED1 for Vanderbilt and a popup came up in red letters saying I couldn't do that?