/u/davidwinters is very positive!

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0.9184 lol, i love how chubby he is, thanks for sharing!
0.8807 It's well composed, it's beautiful, it's interesting to look at and it feels like there is a story here.
0.8689 This edge here http://i.imgur.com/VYKDqre.png looks like it made up of 2 or 3 strokes where you might have been better served with one confident stroke, smooth hard edge, and bold color.
0.8658 I hope sketchdaily can help you "keep at it" and I hope you will continue to share more with us.
0.8478 wow, these are awesome!
0.8268 In your drawing/painting I wish the wing edges were more clearly delineated, as they are typically my favorite part.
0.8055 BADEC I think B and A are very well composed and really good value changes.
0.802 thank you for the kind words and the endorsement
0.7783 I think they have great composition, contrast, an interesting shape and on and on.
0.7783 They often create interest in a painting and are as Meaty mentioned previously, part of what makes watercolor interesting.
0.7763 <3 it was so much fun!

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-0.7096 Both of these methods only work if you're using some tough paper and it takes some practice to avoid causing too much damage.
-0.68 killer composition!
-0.6762 this kind of negativity is not acceptable on this sub.
-0.6369 I tried some things with the hair that I hated so I went back to mostly black.
-0.5255 Oh dag, I sat out of the wrong exchange!
-0.5106 upvote for sick rhymes
-0.4588 take your rude behavior back to r/texasart
-0.3612 What strikes me the most is the perspective on the cup, it appears to be tilted to one side.
-0.357 If splatters where a medium they would be my least favorite.
-0.3007 I have read about this before on wetcanvas, but they were talking about winsor newton and daniel smith not mixing well together.
-0.296 I think you have had some difficulties with edges.
-0.2808 The link isn't working for me :O