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0.9676 PCs are making a comeback but consoles are still most definitely the dominant force. Glad you like it, I'll keep posting them as long as people keep enjoying them :)
0.9354 Honestly I've been so deep in this for so long that I really need other people's perspectives to keep improving it so feedback like your's is incredibly valuable :)
0.9218 So hopefully I can make that section a little more useful, as you've been asking for :) Conan's numbers are holding pretty well actually.
0.9124 :D Your feedback definitely helped and honestly I think it looks a lot better overall.
0.8957 :) I know there's a lot of things I can improve and I hope one day that I'll be able to satisfy the vast majority of people on here.
0.8934 This week For Honor only has Action defined as its single genre however which makes it stand out among the rest. Glad you like it :)
0.8899 It's not my style of game but I can't deny that it seems to have attracted a good number of people to it.
0.8556 I'm personally not a big fan of them but I have a few friends who can't get enough of them. You're most welcome!
0.8553 Seems to have a really positive reception though so it might be worth a look in if you like those kinds of games. The rest were a total surprise to me.
0.8442 With the way I create these charts now it'd mean double or tripling my work to get them done but would be a lot easier once I get things across to a better platform.
0.8268 Thanks, glad you like it!

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-0.6494 The table format is basically identical so either Daft Punk is doing the exact same tour again or someone got a little lazy when making this rather plausible fake.
-0.6197 Ah bugger, that's a shame! I've been in contact with the mods in the past about linking and, for the moment, they're not going to allow me to put links in the main post or image.
-0.5423 Unfortunately that would cut my current data gathering rate in half as it's a separate API call to Steam.
-0.5255 Sad really, seems the little kid in me has grown up too!
-0.4815 Predominately this is because mobile games tend to stand alone and without a good number of cross platform titles it's hard to make straight comparisons.
-0.4748 Unplayed has gone up a couple notches, but is still quite low at 5.4%.
-0.4199 I really should get around to switching over to a logarithmic distribution rather than a linear one. Other weeks it hasn't been as stark as that so I've let it slide, lazy I know!
-0.3959 There's a bunch in my data that contain those combinations and dozens more which aren't easy to discriminate between programatically.
-0.3612 Seems that Steam doesn't have a genre for "Fighting Games" and has instead relegated that to a tag.
-0.34 It's across a sampling of Steam accounts, not all of them unfortunately.
-0.34 A violent game doesn't necessarily have to have gore though like say WWE 2K17.
-0.34 I've avoided doing that since it'd impact the amount of data I can collect in any one week .