/u/dashing_snow is kind of a dick.

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0.9062 He trolls the shit out of both sides he is probably one of the few people who enjoys this shit hole.
0.85 I mean honestly I could have told you that just looking at your posts but I'm glad you wised up to it.
0.8269 Yeah close personal relationships certainly doesn't apply to good friends roommates or lovers /s
0.8225 Yeah I played it I couldn't get my Ryder to look like I usually make her also the default looks nothing like the person it's supposedly modeled on.
0.7711 https://imgur.com/a/XT6VI#UXWivfJ I'm pretty sure I do feel free to google by article names I don't feel like providing 10 plus archives.
0.7603 Where did I say GG got positive coverage?
0.7096 She looks like she just had her wisdom teeth pulled
0.7003 It's a good popcorn movie an enjoyable watch that isn't deep.
0.7003 It's like if I tried to get Gone Home taken down from steam because I don't like walking simulators then tried to say I'm fine with walking simulators existing.
0.6956 If we can't absorb aspects of other cultures without it being bad then it would follow that preserving a white identity rather than merging with other cultures would be good.
0.6808 lol just lol

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-0.8555 The facial animations are part of the cascading chain of failure, so some people are going nuts at her because they are assholes.
-0.8341 Trawl through her twitter I don't care enough to go link shit I've linked before or just look through my posts on AGG I just don't care.
-0.8042 I have no issue with their games existing hell I have no issues with any game existing play what you want and ignore the rest it really isn't that hard.
-0.803 It could have been single payer but the fucking dems refused to push it and forced it to be neutered.
-0.7783 It mainly stems from her claiming to be lead on both twitter and linkedin and people looking for someone to blame for admittedly fucked animations.
-0.7654 I think Hatred is a trash game with decent physics I don't think it's good by any means I do think it should be able to be sold.
-0.7351 Seriously stop being willfully dumb and actually look into things before opening your mouth and vomiting forth idiocy.
-0.7096 I mean I would look for stuff that they want to divert attention from of course they could just be incompetent fucks up so /shrug
-0.7003 That brings to question whether she is lying or whether she was hired as frankly a scapegoat because there is no way someone with her resume and demo reel should be a lead at a company like bioware.
-0.7003 Why would I give a shit what the media things outside of when they are obviously colluding.
-0.6993 People didn't become less attractive from 30 to 40 years ago we just started eating shit and exercising less.
-0.6953 Both L and Light are really bad casting and trying to compress death note into a movie worries me but we will see.