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0.891 You have creative freedom to make new characters you do not have creative freedom to shit all over the work someone else made.
0.8779 Would love to see a hero completely fall and it would depart from the original trilogy.
0.7717 Pillows are shaped like torsos at best Steam not women
0.7506 Nor do we play the shit out of Madden and other games that primarily feature black people.
0.7269 Skinny is considered attractive because it means you actually take care of your body especially if there is tone.
0.6832 I worry more about the direction that the party I hope to be not shit has taken.
0.6705 Maybe just maybe I am actually telling the truth and just want faithfulness to the source material.
0.6705 https://derpicdn.net/img/2012/7/21/51122/full.jpg I'm pretty sure this counts as heresy
0.6486 Well I imagine your sanitarium must be a pretty cushy one to let you use the internet as often as you do.
0.6295 groping socks is still not sexual harassment no matter how much you want it to be.
0.5881 By doing well money wise I meant doing well enough to justify another foray into the genre with a much bigger budget sorry if that wasn't clear.

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-0.9072 Trump is a shit we have been over this but this particular attack was the correct thing to do the one correct thing he has done in an ocean of shit but correct.
-0.8979 It's aGG it's only bad if it's done to someone in their circle see also punching beating heck they would probably try to justify killing.
-0.8902 Violence isn't okay and it builds sympathy defeat the fucker with words.
-0.875 Trump is awful but I would say using chemical weapons against your own people is far worse than the retaliation.
-0.8519 That said I wouldn't say they are equal I would say that the numbers are depressed a substantial amount by how the idea of being raped by a woman is treated by many men ie with derision.
-0.8479 I think devs are more worried about the gaming media screaming about sexism and racism because villager#21489129 isn't black
-0.81 If we wanted to do more we would have attacked the SAM sites but that could have led to open war.
-0.802 Chemical weapon attacks on your own people are obviously worse than both.
-0.7717 A single tactical attack on a military target with warning was justified, and hopefully Assad will stop killing his own people as a result even though the Russia claims make that seem less likely.
-0.7684 There is a poster from Italy on this shit hole just how drunk are you?
-0.765 Yes there are idiot on KiA there are idiots everywhere but the idea that everyone in gg is a racist sexist is just absurd.
-0.7543 He was protesting the going to war with Syria he is a terrible human being but he and the other shitheads were actually doing something useful in this case.