/u/dashing_snow is kind of a dick.

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0.875 He is pretty much the personification of the San Fran people in South Park who loved smelling their own farts because of how elite and better than others they considered themselves.
0.8481 It's pretty black and white either you are in favor of free speech or you aren't.
0.8126 Because you care more about politics than a multi billion dollar corporation going after a private citizen to attempt to curtail freedom of speech?
0.802 Also I'm pretty sure I had to give my social security number when applying for college how are undocumented immigrants getting around that?
0.7269 Not surprised at all it's not that uncommon despite what ghazi would love for people to believe.
0.6901 A lot tends to be heroes journey just because it works very well with leveling systems.
0.6249 There is a reason MLK is remembered as a great leader while most try to minimize discussion as far as the Black Panthers and Malcolm X.
0.5574 That's interesting I would have guessed he was worth about 300 mil since coming back didn't think about the investment in downtown angle.
0.5448 Because I haven't seen the damn movie and won't be I've only seen the class photo which was enough to see it was a damn check list.
0.5256 And I won't be seeing the movie because 40 years of comics are signficiantly more important than Hollywood execs going down a checklist to make sure a movies "diverse" enough.
0.5106 CNN stiched together info and used it to encourage specific behavior that is absolutely a dox.

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-0.9169 As soon as you partake in violence unless it is direct defense as in you being physically attacked you lose the moral high ground no matter what insidious thing you are fighting against.
-0.8953 I absolutely failed if I never failed I wouldn't have been working shit jobs and would have been in school.
-0.836 Then why not reply to the post that somehow makes you think I still consider Kia balanced rather than the one talking about scam artists?
-0.8316 You do realize outside of cancer you are one of the nastiest people here right?
-0.802 Because I don't think someone as obviously intelligent as AS can believe the blatant bullshit she is pushing while I do think a lunatic can believe the hateful trash he is spouting?
-0.802 Advocating violence is wrong period especially in response to words.
-0.7964 Fuck off dumbass
-0.7906 People like him are the reason the Dems got fucked in the election because they don't look at issues that rural America fsfes and iust dismiss them as racism.
-0.7845 Read the rest of those letters specifically where he says that violence confirmed fears.
-0.7845 You realize that having weapons turned against you is the reason I'm terrified of efforts to curtail specific speech via laws right?
-0.7845 All violence does is prove fears correct and legitimize people who otherwise might not be even in the public eye.
-0.7602 I never said I liked the current state of KiA or that I even browse it anymore.