/u/dashing_snow is kind of a dick.

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0.9062 Lebron was near unstoppable if either Love or Kyrie had been healthy the Cavs win that series easily.
0.8365 I never claimed gg has accomplished anything I joined the side in favor of protecting artistic freedom that's it.
0.798 Jordan didn't win a title until he had another HoFer and for his second run he also had arguably the best rebounder in the league and he always had great complimentary pieces.
0.7906 This is awesome nicely done
0.6977 Yes it they wrote to advertisers because gamer's clicks are what is being sold not polygon's bullshit.
0.6908 Hopefully that is the lesson they learn because there is obviously still interest in the universe.
0.6597 In the long run it made KR much stronger by concentrating talent.
0.5994 No I'm saying that you can make a fantastic hidden object game with literally 1/100th of the budget it takes to make something like Witcher 3.
0.5994 Right now if you still had sister teams the current SKT doesn't exist a lot of the super teams don't exist because they are still on separate teams.
0.5962 I've been arguing this literally for years at this point that all that should matter is whether a game is good or not it's why I can still read Card despite his disgusting views on certain topics.
0.5946 I mean yeah cancelling the show after Rita got offered was a downer but at least they didn't go full retard right.?

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-0.9522 What part of fuck all abrahamic religions they are vile and violent and need to disappear is so damn hard.
-0.9239 If there was a market for it yeah fine, but you want to kill average people who in many cases are scared and who have been lied to.
-0.9217 I'm saying that's sick just like I would say anyone who wanted to murder muslim civilians because they wanted revenge would be sick.
-0.9055 I'm not a fan of the new Bill Nye show because it felt lazy and crappy I just anted to learn about cool new science shit :(
-0.891 For the record all abrahamic religions are disgusting and vile islam is just the worse of the lot.
-0.8901 Much like you are not responsible for Quinn's constant lying, AS's hiring of a pedo fuck to get footage from, Nyberg's abuse of her cousin, Harper doxing someone just doing their job.
-0.886 People are sick of outrage bullshit.
-0.8779 I think he was pointing out the person making the tweet is a bully and harasser not that the tweet itself was harassment.
-0.8442 Notch is mean because he has fuck you money and can tell us all to go to hell then chill in his mansion.
-0.8074 Ah my bad she only had a convicted pedo as mod I was thinking of when jackasses spammed her with cp and 4 chan was reporting it.
-0.772 If one of you whackos had any idea who I was I would be scrubbing everything I could because it's not hard to get someone fired by lying about them.
-0.7351 As you said you have a lot of things that you want revenge for which implies you actually want revenge in rl.