/u/darwitchm is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 Love you wit and sense of humor are awesome.
0.8849 More like "greats." Super hot and sexy
0.8834 She looks lovely and I'm hoping she loves the toy.
0.8555 I'd tell the people I love that I love them.
0.8475 Thanks for sharing and really hope to see more!
0.8176 would love to see her having some fun
0.8126 Love pretty much everything about this
0.8016 Wonderful view sweetie!
0.7906 Pretty sure that's a "I just had Sex" smile.
0.7906 Nice breasts, love her hair.
0.7263 She looks like a fun evening!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.784 Because keeping that ass all to yourself is just selfish!
-0.5423 I could stare at your ass all day.
-0.5255 Damn, that got me as hard as your nipples!
-0.4767 Edging ruined.
-0.4019 What a damn turn on...
-0.4019 Guess that's my fault for trying to go the extra mile
-0.3867 He doesn't deserve to kiss that!
-0.2714 Oh Fuck Yes!
-0.25 aaannndddd now I have Foghat stuck in my head..
-0.2263 That is dead sexy
-0.2023 I'd do every damn thing you'd allow
-0.1531 I am rapidly falling in lust with your body...