/u/darwitchm is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8885 but I honestly think I like your smile even more
0.8718 Just super sexy and totally desirable
0.8439 oh, please for the love of Krom, please post more!
0.8393 Beautiful and really an amazing woman..
0.8225 She's fabulous and I would love to spend some quality time with her
0.8074 Simply beautiful and sexy at any age.
0.7783 any time I can turn on a beautiful woman such as yourself, it's a good day.
0.7644 that's pretty terrific!
0.7351 Hope you had fun today
0.7003 Hope your first experience was enjoyable
0.6757 Would love to chat, but I'm sure your Inbox has imploded by now

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 You seem as if you need a whole day spent in bed, getting fucked over and over...
-0.5423 grab your ass while hubby's back was turned.
-0.3182 *sigh* I could get lost in your cleavage...
-0.296 had no idea my tongue could even get that hard...
-0.2732 With just this picture to go on, no way I would have guessed 46....or even 36 for that matter.
-0.1759 This instantly got me hard!
-0.1511 upvoted and commented to show I'm serious about also wanting to see this!
-0.128 Certainly making me feel dirty
-0.0572 nor do I want to
-0.0018 Awwww, feeling a little empty?
0.0 Do we know if her husband knows about her "friends"?
0.0 That face and your expression.