/u/darwitchm is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9312 love love love your first post!
0.7901 Love that smile!
0.7845 You look lovely and your post a brightened my day considerably
0.7644 Such a lovely smile!
0.7644 Pretty terrific!
0.7644 Have a fabulous break and I hope you choose to come back soon!
0.7574 epic cleavage and a wonderful smile!
0.7506 "A certain giving up of control, is good for the soul" - *Tracy Letts*
0.7506 perfectly positioned to worship
0.7177 thanks for sharing!
0.6893 So great to see you back!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5848 holy fuck that's hot!
-0.4404 soo....sooooo dirty
-0.3802 OH fuck yeah!
-0.3612 A sprained tongue and sore lips for me.
-0.3595 that is sexy as hell!
-0.2942 just dead sexy!
-0.2942 Oh wow...watch is disappear!
-0.2732 not even a "leg guy" and this made my jaw drop.
-0.0516 A satisfied feeling and well-serviced ass and pussy for you
0.0 Has me gasping for breath
0.0 OMG I need this to be a thing...
0.0 I would.....