/u/darlox is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9448 It was not difficult to find, the searching was quite fun, thanks! You have a beautiful body and that is one lucky freckle!
0.9351 Oh, I'd start off gentle, but we both know how it'll end! You look great, very sexy body!
0.9336 Great pic, thanks for sharing your gorgeous body with us!
0.9198 I really appreciate you showing it off, looks delicious! The rest of you looks delicious as well!
0.9152 Your dress is very nice also, it fits you great and compliments your curves nicely.
0.9134 Lovely dress, and lovely curves on a lovely lady!
0.8997 I'd love to have your friends be my friends!!
0.8977 Beautiful simp, beautiful looking lady, lucky man!
0.8889 WOW! Thank you for making our day a better one!
0.8838 Dark hair: check. Itty bitty waist: check. Gorgeous, shapely ass: check-check! Oh the fun we could have, beautiful lady... WANT MOAR!
0.8832 Your gorgeous pussy looks delicious and inviting!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5707 No, no it can not!
-0.4576 Looking at Reddit for the rest of the day will be awfully dull now, Dolly.
-0.2755 What is not to like about that?
-0.1027 I'd have a hard time getting out of bed if you were there with me...
0.0 Hotness verified!
0.0 Looking forward to more posts!
0.0 I believe she still shows up randomly on MFC.
0.0 Absotively, posilutely!
0.0 Whaddya know, I need a couch buddy too!
0.0 I'd be your couch buddy anytime!
0.0 You are a breathtakingly beautiful...
0.0 Dinner is served!