/u/darlox is very positive!

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0.9476 You have certainly made my Tuesday a great one, thanks for sharing! edit: I keep coming back to this post for another look at your perfect pussy!
0.9448 It was not difficult to find, the searching was quite fun, thanks! You have a beautiful body and that is one lucky freckle!
0.9351 Oh, I'd start off gentle, but we both know how it'll end! You look great, very sexy body!
0.9347 Please, by all means, butt in whenever you like! You have a beautiful body, thank you for your sexy posts!
0.9336 Great pic, thanks for sharing your gorgeous body with us!
0.9161 The most honest compliment that I can give you is simply this: I hope my next girlfriend has a body exactly like yours.
0.9134 Lovely dress, and lovely curves on a lovely lady!
0.9133 You definitely have the cure for what ails me! My God, you are beautiful and sexy!
0.9098 Beautiful new plug for a sexy, beautiful woman!
0.8977 Beautiful simp, beautiful looking lady, lucky man!
0.8889 WOW! Thank you for making our day a better one!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5707 No, no it can not!
-0.5551 I am really jealous of that toy!
-0.5256 This is so typical of our world anymore, which is quite sad.
-0.4576 Looking at Reddit for the rest of the day will be awfully dull now, Dolly.
-0.4404 For what it is worth, a lot of us would hate to see you go, yet we all understand all too well why you may stop posting.
-0.4119 That thong would look so good down around an ankle while I feast on your pussy and ass! Damn you drive me crazy...
-0.3164 You torture me with the tease of something more being revealed and I love it!
-0.2755 What is not to like about that?
-0.0516 I'll be honest, I am not a breast man, more of a legs and ass kind of guy...
0.0 Your decision really.
0.0 Don't remember her name, but she appears on Chaturbate from time to time.
0.0 I could deal seeing from that point of view quite often!