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0.9416 Man Tammy's a keeper, he's lucky to find her. And you're a lucky one as well, great story :D
0.9286 Oh yeah a couple of my fave fanfics did that, one a really good Time Travel FF7 fic, thank god I saved it.
0.8955 He does sound like a good time, you're lucky. Have fun!
0.8934 Loved the place, and Australia was a great place to holiday even if things were pricey.
0.8883 Good to hear you guys are doing well and hotter than ever. As always, stay safe and have fun!
0.8591 Going through the comments, I feel like the only person who enjoys Albus's character, as well as their dynamic as a trio rather than a duo.
0.8481 Great job guys. She looks great in that dress btw
0.836 Great location choice, makes it hotter. And your wife is a beauty btw.
0.8316 Great stuff as always, it's a real pleasure to read.
0.8316 Pretty fun, average series, with some cool memorable moments.
0.8091 Always nice to see Singapore pop up on this reddit XD

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-0.6597 Other than the Fatih mosque, what other religious institutions have you gotten fucked in?
-0.5423 Just how perverted are we talking here?
-0.4588 Being reminded of Sayaka's tragic fate was not what I was expecting in this subreddit.
-0.4574 Hot damn that's quite the view!
-0.4019 Or maybe I'm just blind as a bat.
-0.34 Shut Hell and Keyman: Hand of Judgement.
-0.2411 Caught at least 5 Eevees around the Tampines West and Central area, not sure if that qualifies as a nest. Edit 1: Went to Botanic Gardens 07/08/2016, caught 5 Voltorbs under an hour.
-0.2057 Which isn't exactly surprising considering your background.
-0.2023 Get verified there and see how it goes. Unless I'm being a dumbass and you're already on there lol.
-0.1531 Height, weight, cock size , etc.
-0.0258 I used to dream of doing writing, but nah.
0.0 It's a real slow burn.