/u/danth is kind of a dick.

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0.8786 Actually Africa didn't have chattel slavery -- the kind of slavery white people *really* like.
0.8047 Someone didn't read the article but is pretty sure this is part of "SJW agenda"
0.802 You want to believe in the "we need guns to fight government tyranny" talking point but you also want to believe that the police are heroes that should be supported.
0.7311 Yes but I feel like that's true no matter what.
0.7269 However good cops are ousted pretty quickly.
0.7003 Thanks, good to know.
0.6908 And you also agree that if the citizen shot the cop in defense of her home and property it would have been justified?
0.6705 Because I'm pretty sure you're talking about white males.
0.6486 I agree but my conclusion is that we should definitely spread the word.
0.6369 I would love to.
0.6249 That is awesome.

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-0.91 Your tone is the problem.") In that same comment thread they are citing some UK law that makes men raping young girls illegal as proof that men are somehow oppressed.
-0.8658 But if a black person is accused of rape it's just assumed they are guilty.
-0.8555 So people who get raped are guilty of lying until proven innocent?
-0.8481 Redditors believe rape is bad now.
-0.8176 Because reddit is racist as fuck.
-0.8074 "Innocent until proven guilty" is repeated ad nauseum on every reddit thread about a white male accused of rape.
-0.7964 And it's the same shit today. Fuck you, Dinesh D'Souza.
-0.7906 Oh you need statistics to back up claims about white crime but not black crime.
-0.7717 I'm sorry that my discerning eye for shit writing enrages you so much.
-0.7579 Wait but you just called him out for being racist against white people.
-0.7506 "False accusations", "she just regrets it", etc are repeated over and over again until everything else is drowned out.
-0.743 The same old shit I've been seeing since the early days of the internet. If there's one thing I've noticed, it's that their arguments never change.