/u/danth is kind of a dick.

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0.7351 Great technique used to create the front fuselage/nose and wing leading edges.
0.7184 Please explain how my original post merited any of the flack I've gotten.
0.6808 If you're a good student they might be inclined to help you.
0.6697 Trump would fucking love it if that happens.
0.6696 I love recolors!
0.6696 Love classic space!
0.6486 I'm on my phone now but Google is your friend
0.6369 Try here: https://www.mcoe.org/deptprog/career/ROP/Pages/rop.aspx I've read some of your other posts and you seem like a smart person.
0.6369 Love those sets so much.
0.636 It's super deformed!
0.6249 It looks awesome.

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-0.8519 That sub only allows crime stories that make minorities look bad or where white people are the victims.
-0.824 WTF is wrong with you, reddit?
-0.8225 Trump might be the worst suffer of the [Dunning-Kruger] effect that we've ever seen.
-0.8074 Not surprised; Republicans were furious when Obama killed Osama bin Laden too.
-0.8074 They will side with the worst of America's enemies before Obama.
-0.8059 Sorry, people who voted for Trump are absolutely dumb fucks.
-0.7825 Don't play nice with racists.
-0.765 Destroy the existing power structure and worse people take over.
-0.7351 Letting the sick die with no health care is sinking to their level.
-0.7351 Your weakness is disgusting.
-0.7096 You demand prosecution and you get a resignation.
-0.6908 But now with no evidence he's willing to investigate this Obama wire tap? Fuck these Republican hypocrites.