/u/danth is kind of a dick.

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0.9118 Cool mecha, good story, fun characters, great music.
0.8126 People were engaged in the process -- and they voted for a crook that wanted to dismantle the United States and everything good and decent people have worked towards for the last decade.
0.7579 Which is why we don't have single payer health care or a strong middle class and why the nation moves further to the right every year?
0.7371 I LOVE Classic Space!
0.7184 One of the absolute best things from my childhood was playing GI Joe in the pool.
0.7096 What's wrong with inviting him into the Oval Office, sharing some top secret intelligence with him, and maybe letting some of his goons beat up Americans?
0.6696 I love this!
0.6696 NERDS! j/k, I love me some Tolkien.
0.6573 Yeah Ninja Force Storm Shadow would have been so much better if he was mostly white.
0.6369 Here's the best part:
0.6283 Like Israel, it features prominently in the Bible so it's not as scary.

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-0.9217 The only way to stop assholes from doing shitty things is to do those same shitty things to them.
-0.886 If you vote for a fascist because someone hurt your feelings, you are a lost cause as a person and there's no point in trying to reach you.
-0.7964 And we sit terrified that our rhetoric might be unfair.
-0.7906 They're just stupid, shitty people.
-0.7887 Republicans are essentially fascist and don't believe in freedom or equality.
-0.7845 You're talking about people who voted for a known racist, self admitted sexual assaulter, and obvious corrupt idiot.
-0.7783 Pelosi is just disgustingly weak.
-0.7783 There is nothing in the constitution that says we only have enemies during shooting wars.
-0.7579 Calling out Republicans for their crimes is not "cheating." This false moral purity bullshit is why we lose.
-0.7506 No, it's illegal immigrants that they're against Ha yeah right.
-0.7506 Two - fight fire with fire.
-0.7506 They need to be publicly savaged all day every day so people realize how stupid they were.