/u/danth is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 Finding confident, intelligent women "annoying" is a textbook example of invisible sexism that normal people engage in subconsciously.
0.8126 People were engaged in the process -- and they voted for a crook that wanted to dismantle the United States and everything good and decent people have worked towards for the last decade.
0.8074 He's best friends with Hamas because they keep each other in power.
0.8074 The rear view of the vented thrusters is pretty great.
0.802 Futuron set design was pretty outstanding. I remember when I first saw the Futuron sets as a kid.
0.6705 Pretty sure I can survive 8 hours without a wank actually.
0.6588 Great way to tie it in to the theme!
0.6588 Great list!
0.6573 Yeah Ninja Force Storm Shadow would have been so much better if he was mostly white.
0.6369 I love how you took the DFD as a base and added new components.
0.5984 For an alt build, that is absolutely fantastic.

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-0.9217 The only way to stop assholes from doing shitty things is to do those same shitty things to them.
-0.8834 People who deny racism should be ridiculed or ignored.
-0.875 Every action he takes is essentially a continuation of the Civil War and the South's fight to destroy the Federal Government.
-0.868 He is deeply racist, hated Obama for being black, and did everything he could to obstruct him.
-0.8176 What, that r/news is Reddit's racist "black crime" section?
-0.7964 Get the fuck out of here with that shit.
-0.7906 They're just stupid, shitty people.
-0.7845 You're talking about people who voted for a known racist, self admitted sexual assaulter, and obvious corrupt idiot.
-0.7506 Two - fight fire with fire.
-0.7506 They need to be publicly savaged all day every day so people realize how stupid they were.
-0.7469 "I'm getting punched in the face but I'm not going to punch back because that would be wrong." This is war kiddo.
-0.7096 You have to shun and ridicule them until they realize their stupidity won't be tolerated.