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0.8225 Finding confident, intelligent women "annoying" is a textbook example of invisible sexism that normal people engage in subconsciously.
0.802 Futuron set design was pretty outstanding. I remember when I first saw the Futuron sets as a kid.
0.7964 I hate slapstick but the physical comedy in this show is amazing.
0.7906 Girl on the right looks like the pretty girl in a college movie who is too interested in her studies to pay attention to the guys that try to flirt with her.
0.7859 Something about how the actors orate and how they pause and interact with the audiences laughter makes it almost feel like you are there in the studio. Also the physical comedy.
0.7351 Pretty cute.
0.7269 I think you look attractive in pretty much all of them.
0.7263 Shape them and you will be much cuter! AND your hair looks like her dog ears.
0.6808 If you're a good student they might be inclined to help you.
0.6697 Trump would fucking love it if that happens.
0.6597 Sounds like everyone had a good time.

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-0.8658 You're just another angry, bitter, infantile rage machine http://imgur.com/ZqfEv
-0.8271 This post is fake as hell.
-0.8074 Just knock the hell I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees That is absolutely an incitement of violence.
-0.765 Destroy the existing power structure and worse people take over.
-0.7096 That bikini bottom is cutting you in half and killing your silhouette.
-0.6908 But now with no evidence he's willing to investigate this Obama wire tap? Fuck these Republican hypocrites.
-0.6597 Only when they are made social pariahs will the reluctantly back off from their racist views.
-0.6597 Male, bored and sick.
-0.6249 No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. That's the constitution.
-0.624 You should be more worried about getting prosecuted for your crimes against punctuation.
-0.6229 That thing was runnin' and gunnin'! Although I shudder at the thought of exposing Lego bricks to dirt and rocks!
-0.5719 A lot of hate for teenage girls in this thread.