/u/danny_pie is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9501 Adding sexy, awesome taste in lingerie and great curves to beautiful!
0.9365 I won't be a dead fish, I'll tell you that sweetie :) Promise to push your beauties all over my face?
0.9348 Wow, perfect combination between cute and sexy!
0.9206 I would LOVE to be invited to play, looks like a lot of fun.
0.9001 Just love how good your nail polish goes with your beautiful skin.
0.8955 Cute and sexy, what an awesome combination!
0.8813 You shouldn't forget lips, cause yours seem to be very delicious and inviting :)
0.8733 You're always so happy in your posts, just love that.
0.8658 I'll book a conference room and tell everyone you're a high valued customer that needs special care ;)
0.8398 I'd love to have your awesome ass all over my fave first!
0.836 Hurray for the weekend, you and your glorious boobs.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7088 Holy hell that's so dang hot!
-0.6981 Your lips are to die for!!!
-0.6808 Holy hell that dress and heels on you.
-0.6808 Holy hell, you kinda caught me off guard.
-0.6588 Damn, that was crazy hot!
-0.5848 Holy fuck so hot!
-0.5267 Damnit, I really wished you would what you just did to me.
-0.5067 Raaaawr, Crazy hot!!!
-0.4767 There's something wrong with the notes from today's meeting...
-0.4574 Holy hell, you got me real good!
-0.4574 Mmm hot damn, your body!
-0.4404 Seriously, how could I have missed this post?