/u/danny_pie is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8986 Awesome curves and just LOVE the glove touch ;)
0.8883 I'm a great folder, loved to join you!
0.886 Oh dear God yes, my face would fit like a glove in between your thighs.
0.8788 Just LOVE the lipstick, best so far on you.
0.8766 I love the confidence, cause you should not be ashamed of anything.
0.8685 Awesome, totally awesome!
0.8636 Also, just LOVE the giggle ;)
0.8439 Well there was...sleep :) I don't think you where responsible for that though cause I'd gladly chat more of sleep hadn't smacked me in the face!
0.8436 You better believe I'm first in line ;) Looks so delicious I just wanna jump right in!
0.8436 Enjoying Tuesdays with you, seem to be very awesome!
0.8356 Wow, looking amazing from here!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7562 Holy hell, what a striptease!!!
-0.5255 Unfair to have to choose one of them!
-0.5255 Holy hell I like your style!
-0.5076 Don't hope, know!!!
-0.4574 And again, hot damn!
-0.4003 Looking crazy hot to me!
-0.3595 Aaaw no you are!
-0.2766 Extremely jealous ;)
-0.2244 Well hot damn you're back with a bang!
-0.2023 I think I've located the "problem area" and I'll go to work directly ;)
-0.202 Holy hell, you look absolutely amazing!
-0.1779 Shame on me :) You just made a horrible day at the office MUCH better.