/u/danny_pie is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.908 Wow what a sexy choice of lingerie on your beautiful curves!
0.8896 Won't stop there though, but I hope that's OK ;)
0.8805 You sure have glorious beauties!
0.8591 Would love for you to shove my face right in between your beauties ;)
0.8478 Amazing taste in lingerie and awesome curves!
0.8478 Wow, awesome curves!
0.8475 Wow, you look absolutely amazing!
0.8356 Bonus points for your awesome looking lips, so full and luscious!
0.807 Still looks pretty f-ing amazing!
0.802 You do my favorite pose perfectly.
0.802 You just did my favorite pose in the best way possible.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7088 Holy hell, you look smokin!
-0.6329 Not saying it's bad without though ;)
-0.6239 Damnit, this always gets me hard!
-0.5848 Fuck me you're hot!
-0.5848 Holy fuck, you're smokin!
-0.5562 My dick isn't left limp after your show, let me tell you that!
-0.5255 That's a shame!
-0.4926 Holy hell, she's definitely a looker!
-0.4898 You're such a tease!!!
-0.4767 What could go wrong?
-0.4767 Unfair that you're across the pond cause I'd be at your doorstep if you wanted and I was closer.
-0.4767 Source is needed for this one, badly.