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0.9053 I'm really glad you liked it thanks :)
0.8655 Me too, it's beautiful, glad ya like the video!
0.8384 Really appreciate your support :)
0.8374 I hear ya - I just LOVE the last line so much I wanted to end on it :)
0.8268 Glad you guys like it, thanks so much!
0.8221 Great guitar at a pretty decent price!
0.8187 Holy shit guys i just woke up and am bombarded with love , so glad you like the video!
0.8176 :) This is like the opposite of that, haha.
0.802 haha I love how that part sounds.
0.8016 Any suggestions are super welcome!
0.7759 That's really kind, thank you!

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-0.6705 I hear ya man, this was a tricky one as the song mp3 contains a running water sound effect so turning it up would've drowned out the drum audio
-0.624 The snare is at quite a severe angle towards me and the floor is lower and facing in towards the snare.
-0.5719 This is exactly what a defensive faker would say though isn't it, maybe I'm lying :o
-0.5037 Anyways I wouldn't be interested in faking a video this way as it'd be of no benefit to me as a player.
-0.4753 Single - I'm useless at double kick!
-0.4374 Definitely had it in mind once i started working on it, but i don't know what inspired the idea really!
-0.4215 For example the 'lets talk about the mail can we talk about the mail please' Those parts made me giddy as fuck to figure out
-0.2808 I had spent so long going over the scene that it was ingrained HARD into my head so I probably overcompensated with the drum audio.
-0.2617 All my favourite shows - IASIP, Arrested Development, Peep Show, Trailer Park Boys , The Office, Fawlty Towers Not saying im gonna do all those but that's the pool to choose from
-0.2023 I use an app called AB repeat player to isolate tiny phrases of the scene at a time, loop it until I can determine the rhythm of it, then find a way to phrase it so it has some sort of a flow to it.
-0.1779 Thanks, that song is incredible holy shit
-0.0772 There was no click or anything, i was surprised how intuitive the changes became after lots of repetitions. Id say overall this took just over 10 hours to get down.