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0.9099 They're particularly good for regular listening as they have a lovely rich warm sound going on.
0.886 Thanks folks, glad you like it :)
0.8607 So glad you liked it, thanks!
0.8481 Thanks my dudes, glad you enjoyed it
0.8271 I'd love if he did it with this :)
0.8268 Glad you guys like it, thanks so much!
0.8148 This definitely only works with certain clips, generally when someone is speaking pretty fast without stopping for very long
0.807 That's awesome, thanks!
0.807 That's awesome thanks a lot!
0.802 haha I love how that part sounds.
0.8016 Appreciate the support man, thank you!

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-0.6705 I hear ya man, this was a tricky one as the song mp3 contains a running water sound effect so turning it up would've drowned out the drum audio
-0.624 The snare is at quite a severe angle towards me and the floor is lower and facing in towards the snare.
-0.4753 Single - I'm useless at double kick!
-0.4134 Absolutely not, haha, I loop the clips over and over until I can make out the rhythm of it
-0.2942 One of the ears just stopped working!
-0.25 Was unsure how it'd go down - you guys Rock
-0.1779 Thanks, that song is incredible holy shit
-0.126 I'm so inactive on twitter I think I'll leave it to somebody else if they wanna!
-0.0418 I'm not sure man, i always rimshot - it's like the natural way my stick falls on the drum - so I guess over the years I've just learned to do it without doing too much damage
0.0 Here's more!
0.0 https://youtu.be/Kv-ZyKQPxPE?list=PL0Whnhd1tk2hDBhsfEq9mfnP7axPON-1e
0.0 e v e r y v i d e o