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0.9381 It can be monotonous at times but I find if you make a point of focusing on every aspect of the exercises like dynamics and relaxed motion it can actually be really enjoyable.
0.9308 Yo I'm really glad you checked it out, thanks so much :) I've watched loads of your vids too, great work!
0.9053 I'm really glad you liked it thanks :)
0.8655 Me too, it's beautiful, glad ya like the video!
0.8384 Really appreciate your support :)
0.8374 I hear ya - I just LOVE the last line so much I wanted to end on it :)
0.8268 Thanks for checking it out, glad ya like it!
0.824 YES, I love both vulfpeck and those mashups.
0.8221 Great guitar at a pretty decent price!
0.8187 Holy shit guys i just woke up and am bombarded with love , so glad you like the video!
0.8176 :) This is like the opposite of that, haha.

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-0.624 The snare is at quite a severe angle towards me and the floor is lower and facing in towards the snare.
-0.5719 This is exactly what a defensive faker would say though isn't it, maybe I'm lying :o
-0.5037 Anyways I wouldn't be interested in faking a video this way as it'd be of no benefit to me as a player.
-0.4588 Also I've found that just playing your kit until you fuck up and then figuring out what you can do to prevent that fuck up happening again is effective.
-0.4374 Definitely had it in mind once i started working on it, but i don't know what inspired the idea really!
-0.4215 For example the 'lets talk about the mail can we talk about the mail please' Those parts made me giddy as fuck to figure out
-0.2808 I had spent so long going over the scene that it was ingrained HARD into my head so I probably overcompensated with the drum audio.
-0.2617 All my favourite shows - IASIP, Arrested Development, Peep Show, Trailer Park Boys , The Office, Fawlty Towers Not saying im gonna do all those but that's the pool to choose from
-0.2183 I know that feel, it can be so hard to know what to practice.
-0.2023 I use an app called AB repeat player to isolate tiny phrases of the scene at a time, loop it until I can determine the rhythm of it, then find a way to phrase it so it has some sort of a flow to it.
-0.0772 There was no click or anything, i was surprised how intuitive the changes became after lots of repetitions. Id say overall this took just over 10 hours to get down.
-0.0418 I'm not sure man, i always rimshot - it's like the natural way my stick falls on the drum - so I guess over the years I've just learned to do it without doing too much damage