/u/da_p3nguin is kind of a dick.

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0.8337 Without obviously clear intent, it is legally not a hate crime.
0.8172 Best of luck with your reading comprehension!
0.8074 Respect and love.
0.7328 This is totally true lol
0.7263 Thanks for the information and thanks!
0.7184 He came off as genial and caring most of the time, and completely unhinged sometimes.
0.7048 And a cross burned into your own property for your own reasons is not a hate crime.
0.6856 And when you leave garbage on somebody else's property, it's not a hate litter crime, it's just littering.
0.6705 Please cite legal precedence to support your claim.
0.6696 The knife is ~7 years old and was an unwrapped/not-boxed gift from my dad. Cool sub!
0.636 Congratulations buddy!

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-0.9509 Nigger fights were a very real thing in the south during slavery and to say they didn't breed some blacks for body composition or violence is leaving a portion of history out.
-0.9468 They do not deserve to be raped, but they can NOT cry foul when they do NOT follow up to ensure the rapist gets punished.
-0.9349 If the police and hospitals report drastically reduced numbers of rape victims than RAINN is reporting, don't you think there is a problem with how the rapes are being reported?
-0.9118 If he was a rapist, he would be charged and tried as a rapist.
-0.9081 That means I'm a rape victim and my boss' name needs to be sullied and he should be vilified because I say he raped me.
-0.9081 She rescinded her claim of rape after it was investigated and no evidence supported her claim, so why is everybody still calling her a rape victim?
-0.8979 Why even bother fighting for rape victims if you have that attitude...
-0.8779 The evidence is the victims body, and every second after the attack, it is repairing itself. And to your last point, what do you constitute as rape?
-0.8776 I am so glad his daughters and all officers are on, but I am so sad Brianne had to suffer the fate she did.
-0.8775 Rape is one of the most difficult to prove, because most victims wait to report it.
-0.872 And when nothing has been rectified and it was mentioned, we were called a pain in the ass and blamed us for dragging the job out.
-0.8689 Again, if she can't provide a shred of evidence to support her rape claim, and even recanted said allegation under oath, why are you or anybody else still calling her a rape victim?