/u/da_p3nguin is a total dick!

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0.8858 Laugh all you want, that's pretty clever!
0.7717 And that makes me happy knowing that somebody cares about me.
0.7328 This is totally true lol
0.6369 ...I love you...
0.6114 Those bits look magically delicious!
0.5975 But that does not mean he's a rapist.
0.5423 Well, what value does she actually bring to the table though?
0.5413 Asking a second time is a way to show that they really care about me.
0.5046 Some unions for minimum wage jobs charge dues that, when calculated against hours worked, actually cost you more than they benefit you, and you actually make LESS than minimum wage.
0.4939 Prenuptial agreement.
0.4914 I'm on day 37 here, and this image really helps me abstain from temptation!

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-0.9468 They do not deserve to be raped, but they can NOT cry foul when they do NOT follow up to ensure the rapist gets punished.
-0.9349 If the police and hospitals report drastically reduced numbers of rape victims than RAINN is reporting, don't you think there is a problem with how the rapes are being reported?
-0.9118 If he was a rapist, he would be charged and tried as a rapist.
-0.9081 That means I'm a rape victim and my boss' name needs to be sullied and he should be vilified because I say he raped me.
-0.9081 She rescinded her claim of rape after it was investigated and no evidence supported her claim, so why is everybody still calling her a rape victim?
-0.8979 Why even bother fighting for rape victims if you have that attitude...
-0.8779 The evidence is the victims body, and every second after the attack, it is repairing itself. And to your last point, what do you constitute as rape?
-0.8775 Rape is one of the most difficult to prove, because most victims wait to report it.
-0.8689 Again, if she can't provide a shred of evidence to support her rape claim, and even recanted said allegation under oath, why are you or anybody else still calling her a rape victim?
-0.8658 Rape is a truly disgusting crime that we CAN and DO pursue.
-0.8591 I have been hard line against it, and still am, but even the fiercest of vindications matter less when your wife and son just narrowly avoided death.
-0.8543 If both parties are intoxicated, do you say both parties raped themselves, only he was raped, or nobody was raped as both parties could not consent equally.