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0.9509 Also **Let's Fight Ghost/Bring It On Ghost** is pretty awesome for the humour and comedy and sweet romance.
0.938 Kdramas are pretty chaste with kisses few and far between, so each kiss is pretty special.
0.936 Loved the wonderfully written story, the rich and realistic characters and the hilariously funny moments.
0.9325 I love their clean, sweet and cute concept as well.
0.9136 They have pacing down to a fine art especially with Rom Coms - the balance of romance, innocence, comedy, drama and sweetness.
0.9041 I love your cute girl group and happy playlists so much! I've got a similar one based on [happy upbeat duets]
0.8979 Ep 8 is like the "I think I love you" and after all their to-ing and fro-ing they realise "wow, I really love you" and there's real conviction and depth.
0.8977 Awesome, I'm sure you will love it!
0.8885 I loved Weightlifting Fairy - such a sweet and rich story with so much character development.
0.8832 Bonus link to them giving fan service to one lucky guy!
0.875 That she would sacrifice her love in this lifetime so that he could pay his penance for a chance for love in the next lifetime...

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-0.804 Once I start I tend to have OCD and watch the whole thing but there are a couple that were so bad that after two episodes I couldn't bring myself to sink more time into them.
-0.7906 **Rage of Youth** - Five housemates sick of society go on a violent rampage in Seoul **City Hunger** - An undercover mercenary takes on the corrupt government to solve the city's food shortages
-0.6908 I'm saddened to think that all those touching moments between the two were lost.
-0.6808 Chu, No no no, and Remember?
-0.6597 I also notice GOT7 is missing from both Spotify and Google, which is disappointing.
-0.6597 The next half is all tension, angst, and frustration watching to see whether they OTP will make it as a couple.
-0.658 Ah sorry, my bad!!
-0.5994 In Let's Fight Ghost, any scene with the Sundae Soup duo was hilarious...
-0.5267 At first I thought, "who spit in the pita bread?"
-0.5106 **A number of shots were fired.
-0.4588 I was too distracted by the guy behind him falling asleep.
-0.4574 Aww yes, the aegyo is killing me!