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0.938 Kdramas are pretty chaste with kisses few and far between, so each kiss is pretty special.
0.936 Loved the wonderfully written story, the rich and realistic characters and the hilariously funny moments.
0.9252 The story actually deals with some heavy issues but love overcomes all in a beautiful way!
0.9217 Out of those I've seen EunDong and loved the passion and intensity, and the heartwarming way his friend al rallied around him.
0.8979 Ep 8 is like the "I think I love you" and after all their to-ing and fro-ing they realise "wow, I really love you" and there's real conviction and depth.
0.8977 Awesome, I'm sure you will love it!
0.8885 I loved Weightlifting Fairy - such a sweet and rich story with so much character development.
0.886 I love a good plot/story and I see myself consuming Kdramas similar to novels with a strong beginning and ending.
0.8849 Two dramas I watched earlier this year that were really sweet, with beautiful supporting cast: **Shopping King Louis** and **Ho Goo's Love**.
0.875 That she would sacrifice her love in this lifetime so that he could pay his penance for a chance for love in the next lifetime...
0.8718 Loved her in Playful Kiss!

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-0.8446 I hate obsessive fawning over the other person despite being treated like dirt.
-0.7906 **Rage of Youth** - Five housemates sick of society go on a violent rampage in Seoul **City Hunger** - An undercover mercenary takes on the corrupt government to solve the city's food shortages
-0.6908 I'm saddened to think that all those touching moments between the two were lost.
-0.6908 I also hate fights that stem from simple misunderstandings that could have been resolved with a simple explanation or a phone call.
-0.6597 The next half is all tension, angst, and frustration watching to see whether they OTP will make it as a couple.
-0.6124 Ah no worries.
-0.5994 In Let's Fight Ghost, any scene with the Sundae Soup duo was hilarious...
-0.5267 At first I thought, "who spit in the pita bread?"
-0.5267 Or strangers forced to pretend to be married because of X.
-0.5267 Does that make me a horribly shallow person?
-0.4939 What I mean is that often people acquiesce to a bad deal because they want to be "nice" to the salesperson.
-0.4939 And plus the ghosts are genuinely scary.