/u/curiousblueleo is very positive!

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0.9612 I'm super proud of you too, even though I'm a complete stranger :) An inspirational read, congratulations for battling through it all and making it out the other side a happier person.
0.9132 Congratulations on the progress you've made so far, hopefully this last 10lbs will be a breeze :)
0.9098 Such an elegant beautiful look, love everything about this!
0.9022 I plan to get a tattoo when I meet my GW, its motivating me. Good luck for the rest of the way :)
0.8975 Congratulations!! Definitely still reward yourself for meeting your goals, just maybe not with food related things.
0.891 I love this look on you, you look sunkissed and gorgeously radiant.
0.8906 Wow, huge difference, congratulations!!
0.8807 Congratulations to you both, you look like a lovely couple
0.8777 You look amazing, I hope you're very proud of yourself
0.8689 You look amazing, I hope you're proud of yourself
0.8591 Always nice to see vegan meals, looks delicious :)

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-0.6996 I love your vibe gothy but glowing, you're killing it !
-0.6956 You didn't mention podcasts, so this might not be the type of thing you are looking for, but Once Upon A Crime podcast is my latest addiction.
-0.68 The guilt after a binge drove me mad!
-0.6476 Ouch, I hope they work out what's wrong with you soon, that all sounds horrendous!
-0.4754 I'm sorry this happened to you, that really sucks.
-0.4404 I think she said it is my Errol Morris, I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find anything :(
-0.395 Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I've never seen anything like this look before.
-0.3182 I'm currently fluctuating between 159 - 162 and its driving me nuts, fingers crossed I'll pass it soon
-0.296 No CC at all
-0.296 If I tried this I'd look terrible, I envy your skills :)
-0.2225 No criticism at all, you look amazing!!
-0.212 Don't lose hope, your perseverance will pay off eventually!