/u/cryptardia is kind of a dick.

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0.836 Which honestly would be pretty hilarious to watch.
0.8004 I'm sure the 'racist' police the American left loves to spit on will work very hard to protect them.
0.8004 I'm sure the 'racist' police the left loves to spit on will work very hard to protect them.
0.7906 They better bend over and say please real nice or we might let them deal with the issue themselves.
0.7096 Good luck with numbers, just means more meat rotting on the concrete.
0.6369 This is its go to response. Best to ignore it like the subhuman animal it is.
0.6249 Should be hilarious to watch it play out.
0.6124 I'm sure it's getting you lots of support with the police and military.
0.5719 Show the world how well you take defeat. Imagine if people treated obamas children like this, and were proud of it? Nobody deserves the backlash coming more than the American left.
0.5719 I'd be happy if D2 had a story.
0.5696 Best stick to [torturing people who can't fight back as a form of protest] like your scumbag buddies.

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-0.9001 Why is it acceptable for a person to be openly racist in *CURRENT YEAR*? Oh wait, he hates and is openly racist against white people, my mistake.
-0.8807 Liberals, this is why you lost the election. You're scum, continue to burn cities and assault law enforcement in your tantrums like literal terrorists.
-0.8779 Or stop staging 'protests' as a screen for literal terrorists to burn cities and assault law enforcement.
-0.8442 Some Hillary supporters literally kidnap the mentally disabled and torture them live on facebook, using blades to cut chunks out of their scalp while they bleed and scream in pain.
-0.8402 In this case via kidnapping and torture that only ended when the victim's screaming caused neighbors to complain to police?
-0.8402 Please continue to burn and assault law enforcement in your Trump tantrums. It's like the violent left wants to be removed like literal terrorists.
-0.8316 No, I'm just agreeing with him that the average Trump person won't need to take up arms against the violent, liberal, terrorists.
-0.7964 Or continue to act as a shield for literal terrorists, and be viewed as literal terrorists as well.
-0.7469 The right is in complete control now, and the left can do little but screech and stamp their feet as they block traffic in protest.
-0.743 Fuck off. You started with the insults.
-0.7269 I suppose we'll have to find out. Be sure to keep burning things and assaulting law enforcement like literal terrorists in your Trump tantrums.
-0.7203 If liberals don't want to be seen as literal terrorists, the peaceful majority needs to get the violent minority in line.