/u/crookedscarsisle is very positive!

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0.9392 I love your pose it feels playful and sexy and shows off all of your lovely body!
0.9348 You look absolutely amazing, your body is a picture of sexual perfection and your lovely face begs to kissed and caressed.
0.9333 I feel I can safely say we all would love to have you, certainly more incredibly sexy posts from you!
0.9287 It would be amazing to wake up beside you and move down to worship your gorgeous hips and perfect little pussy
0.9258 Absolutely Gorgeous, your pussy is perfect and I would love to go down on you!
0.9117 Huh, THAT I love I absolutely love!' (Ps any prize for the win?
0.8947 Thank you for sharing your incredibly sexy little body, your pussy is killing me, it's so fucking perfect and your legs are just stunning!
0.8858 Looks great as well beautiful!
0.8805 Hahah yes love the reference one of my favorite Dennis moments!
0.878 That's so fucking sexy thank you for sharing your incredible body!
0.8746 Yes beautiful, your tits look absolutely perfect!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6114 I can't possibly imagine what anyone might find negative to say about you!
-0.4003 You're driving me crazy with it!
-0.2714 Fuck yes, that little bit of your pussy peeking out is so tantalizing!
-0.2481 Just seriously got me going!
-0.1759 I'd have a hard time not touching you too!
-0.0516 Hey, did you just leave the shower?
-0.0516 Perhaps clean and looking to get dirty?
0.0 I would live to see more with those sheer panties!
0.0 Absolutely!
0.0 Absolutely right by the way, I find myself scrolling past the titles thinking..
0.0 ' bullshit...
0.0 Derivative...