/u/cringelivesmatter is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 Nice random hypothetical Fantasy is fun Might as well call 2016 for Hillary while you're at it It might make you feel better
0.8641 Asking for honest loyalty from a subordinate is not a crime.
0.8641 Asking for honest loyalty from a subordinate is not a crime nor obstruction.
0.8627 I never denied that Russia took an active interest in our elections, just like every other nation on Earth.
0.836 This was an awesome win.
0.7845 Just like you did when you were told Hillary had a 99% chance of winning.
0.7823 He knows more about the matter at hand than you or anyone in the MSM who are glorified bloggers at this point.
0.7251 So it's easy to see where his loyalties are.
0.7177 Comey called it a big deal. Russia takes active interest is US politics!
0.7096 Yeah they did happen, and Trump won fairly.
0.6908 I trust his take on the issue since he actually ha the credentials to back it up.

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-0.93 Theres no crime, there's no proof of a crime, just a lot of tenuous links and conspiracy theorists.
-0.9282 I'm a fascist because I don't want innocent people assaulted, maimed, or murdered for their political affiliation?
-0.9168 It was bad blood and revenge. "Man eats burger then goes on to murder 16 three weeks later!
-0.891 Protests turned to riots complete with damaged property and assaults.
-0.891 No. I took your post as a death threat, when can we bring you up on charges?
-0.8225 Companies are the target of phishing scams all the time and voter fraud doesn't exist remember?
-0.814 No I wouldn't care if Obama fired him if the same information was available.
-0.807 An attack on those who keep us safe is an attack on us all.' Can you be any more dishonest?
-0.7845 He hunted down and murdered cops because he had a disagreement with cops 3 weeks earlier.
-0.7845 The left's brand of delusion and blind hatred has consequences.
-0.7845 Even worse he lied about it in testimony in which he stated that in his experience he had not encountered a situation in which someone asked to stop an investigation for a political reason.
-0.7717 You're just a silly conspiracy theorist until you provide some actual proof of your Russian conspiracy theory.